Nausea In The Morning And How To Overcome It

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Having nausea in the morning can be a symptom of pregnancy but it is not always the case.

There are the odd few occasions where feeling ill in the morning has nothing to do with pregnancy.

If you are feeling sick in the morning I highly recommend you take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor to make sure.

Before we delve into how to ease nausea symptoms it’s probably a good idea to state that morning sickness doesn’t always happen in the mornings.

It can actually take effect at any time of the day.

The name “morning sickness” is actually slightly misleading.

Another thing to note is that morning sickness doesn’t only happen during the first trimester.

It can take place at anytime during your pregnancy.

Nausea in the mornings does not always mean that you will literally throw up.

Having nausea can also mean having a sickness feeling as though you are going to be sick without it actually happening.

To be honest I’m not sure which is worse, actually vomiting or feeling like you want to without it ever happening.

Morning Sickness during pregnancy

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I remember when I had my first born, my first trimester of pregnancy was awful.

In actual fact, in all my pregnancies my first 3 months of having morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue were awful.

With my first pregnancy, I had no clue about anything.

I certainly didn’t know that you could ease the symptoms of morning sickness by just doing a few small things.

I went through those first few months feeling absolutely miserable.

You don’t have to do it the hard way like me.

If you follow a few of these tips listed below, it really will make the world of difference to you.

You should be able to enjoy your pregnancy not feel miserable all the way through it.

Nausea in the morning

8 Tips For Easing Nausea in The Morning


1. Line Your Stomach


This tip was definitely a game changer for me.  Every single morning I would wake up, and feel sick.

I remember my mom said to me that I should leave some crackers next to my bedside.

When I wake up in the morning I should eat at least one before I do anything else.

Honestly, I didn’t think that it would work but I was so desperate that I was willing to do anything at that point.

When I woke up in the morning the first thing I did was to eat 1 cracker and then wait before I ate anything else.

It totally worked!

For the rest of the day, I felt much better, I was still tired but the nausea that I felt was almost nonexistent anymore.


2. Eat Small Meals

I picked up this little trick during my second pregnancy.

Eating your meals in small portions rather than as one big meal makes it more easily digestible and your chances of feeling ill are greatly reduced.

Little and often is definitely the way to go.

When your stomach is empty it can actually worsen the nausea feeling.

This is also the reason why tip number 1 works so well.

Eat Small Meals to avoid nausea in the mornings

3.  Stay Away From Spicy Foods


Staying away from spicy foods can also help to keep the feelings of nausea away.

Spicy foods are usually very high in aroma which can easily trigger the sickness feeling.

Personally, when I was pregnant the only things that I could easily eat without feeling sick were potatoes and fruit.

Anything else would immediately turn my stomach.

If you are struggling with nausea then I would highly recommend you eat cold or bland foods until you feel able to eat normally again.

Eat Small Meals to avoid Morning Sickness

4. Try Mint


Mint is a pregnant womans best friend.

I carried a packet of mints around with me all the time when I was pregnant.

I’m not quite sure why eating a mint helps with nausea but it definitely does the trick.

Every time I felt a little sick I would just put a mint in my mouth and the feeling that I was going to vomit went right down.

I’m not sure if it is because it somehow clears the palate or if there is some type of chemical reaction that takes place in the body.

5. Chew Ginger

Ginger is another great one for getting rid of morning sickness.

You can eat ginger sweets, drink ginger tea or chew on raw ginger if you can handle the taste of it.

Eating ginger during pregnancy

6.  Drink water


Drinking water to keep hydrated will greatly benefit your body.

When your body is feeling dehydrated it can worsen the feelings of nausea.

If you are struggling to keep water down like I did, a great alternative to try would be to suck on ice cubes.

You can make these water or juice if you prefer.

Personally speaking I would always prefer to take natural juice rather than the artificial stuff they sell in supermarkets.

drink water to prevent morning sickness

7.  Citrus Smells

I don’t know why this worked for me but it somehow did.

Smelling the washing coming out of the machine would absolutely send me over the edge.

I really could not take any sort of floral smell.

I switched my washing machine powder to a citrus lemon smell and had no problems after that.

In fact, I discovered that I really like citrus smells during pregnancy.

In some strange way, they actually made me feel more energized and fresh.

Pick up some great natural morning sickness remedies. The first trimester can be brutal so these tips will help you to enjoy your pregnancy much more.

8. Know Your Triggers


Everyone has triggers that make the feeling of morning sickness worse.

It could be your children’s breakfast, your husbands shoes or even the smell of your bedroom.

Whatever it is, get to know what it is so it doesn’t upset your stomach.

I could not stand the smell of cereal when I was pregnant so my children had to either have toast and fruit for breakfast.

If my husband was around he would make their breakfast while I stayed far away in the other room.

The thing to understand about having nausea in the morning is that there is no sure fire way to get rid of it for good.

You have to try different things to see what works best for you.

Every person is different and what works for one is not guaranteed to work for another person.

No one fully understands morning sickness but it obviously to do with the new life growing inside your body.

I have found the best way to tackle morning sickness without it getting you feeling to down is to look at it this way;

My body is doing whatever is necessary to keep my baby fit and healthy.

If that means me taking the hit for a few months here and there then I am totally willing to do that.

A lot is to do with having a positive mental attitude.

If you look at things the right way they become easier for you to mentally handle.

The maximum time nausea can last is 9 months but think of the wonderful prize you will get after you go through all of this.

So whilst morning sickness is never going to be fun it won’t last forever.

Allow your partner to help you where they can.

This will at least take some of the pressure off you.

If the sickness is unbearable during your pregnancy please do go and see a doctor to talk over your concerns.

Never try to self medicate to solve the problem yourself.

Morning sickness is never going to be easy but these great tips on how to manage the nausea and treat the symptoms will help you out a ton!
Morning sickness is never going to be easy but these great tips on how to manage the nausea and treat the symptoms will help you out a ton!
8 great remedies for dealing with morning sickness. These tips will give you almost instant relief from feeling nauseous during pregnancy