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When will I start showing


Perhaps one of the biggest things women get excited about when they first get pregnant is “when do you start showing?”/ “when does pregnancy start to show?”

You see the thing is it’s one thing to know that you are pregnant but sometimes it just doesn’t feel at all real until you start to see all the telltale signs that confirm the pregnancy.

You want to see your stomach get bigger, you want to be able to wear maternity clothes and you want people to acknowledge the fact that you are in fact pregnant.

I get it, I’ve been there.

I know personally speaking I used to look in the mirror at my belly every day to see if I could notice any growth.

I could see it in my own eyes but when I asked others they could never tell.

I guess a lot of it on my part was just wishful thinking as I was so excited.

As a guide, you can expect your pregnancy to show anywhere from 12 -16 weeks if this is your first baby. However, if this is your second pregnancy then the chances are that you will show sooner than if this was your first baby.

I’m sure the question on your mind is “when will I start showing?” and its a really good question to ask. Let’s take a look.


When do you start showing

A pregnant woman wondering “When will I start showing?”


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One thing you need to realize is that there is no definitive answer to this. Some women show very early on in pregnancy whilst others don’t show for months on end.

There are of course contributing factors to this which we will go through in a moment.

One thing is pretty certain though if this is your first ever pregnancy the chances are that you won’t be able to see very much of your baby bump in those first few weeks of pregnancy or indeed in your first trimester of pregnancy.


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We touched on this point very slightly a moment ago but its a good idea to go a little deeper so we can get the full understanding.

When it is your first pregnancy your uterus has never had the chance to expand so it is completely new to it.

Before you get pregnant, your uterus is the size of a pear, by the time your baby is ready to be delivered your uterus will have expanded to the size of a watermelon. (Source)

It takes time for your uterus to expand so don’t expect to see overnight growth.

Your uterus will naturally expand as your baby begins to grow in size. Likewise, it also has to shrink back after pregnancy.

In subsequent pregnancies, the muscles in your uterus have already stretched. Therefore they have muscle memory from your previous pregnancies so you will begin to show much sooner than someone who is on their first pregnancy.


When do you start showing during pregnancy



Weight can play a role in how soon you start to show also. Generally, if you carry a little bit more weight, the chances are that you will not be able to see your pregnancy very early on.

Women who tend to be slimmer appear to show much more quickly as they have less body fat.

Women who are taller and have long torsos will also take some time before they start showing.  This is because the uterus has a lot more space in the torso area to grow upwards.

In correlation, women that are shorter have smaller torsos and less room for growth. It would, therefore, it stands to reason that they would have to grow outwards meaning that they will show much earlier in pregnancy than that of a woman with a longer torso.


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If you are an avid gym buff then you are likely to have what is referred to as a “belly only pregnancy”.

When you are having a belly only pregnancy it means that there are not many other signs of you being pregnant.  The usual weight gain is not as apparent as if you are fit and your muscles were tight.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t see your pregnancy at all, it just means that the muscles around your stomach are incredibly strong.

Ultimately it means that your muscles are keeping your stomach tight meaning that baby is well hidden.  

Your baby bump will at some point begin to show but it may look at though you are carrying quite small.

Having a belly only pregnancy in no way harms your baby.


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Having multiple pregnancies will mean that you will indeed show quite quickly.

You are in fact carrying double the children so it would stand to reason that you would start to show fairly soon.

If you are wondering when you will start to show with twins the answer is, pretty early on. 

Your uterus will have to accommodate for 2 babies after all.


Pregnant with twins and wondering when I will start showing


5. AGE

It might seem like a strange factor but it really does play a part. If you are looking for that telltale sign of when do you start showing, you can take your age into consideration.

It is a known fact that older women tend to show earlier.

The reason for this is because younger women tend to have tighter abdominal muscles so they don’t show as quickly as an older woman.

If you are a regular at the gym this may not apply to you.


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Genetics can also play a part in how quickly your pregnancy starts to show.  

If you really want to know, you should ask your mom how long it took before people were able to see her pregnancy.

You can look back on past photos of when she was pregnant with you and it can give you some indication as to how long it could take before your pregnancy starts to show.



Depending on the position at which your uterus sits you could show more or less quickly.  

Those that have a retroverted uterus  (meaning that your uterus is tilted backward towards your spine)  will begin to show much later in pregnancy as your baby is more hidden.

If you have an anteverted uterus (your uterus is tilted towards your bladder) means that your pregnancy will show much sooner.


When do I start showing? Depends on your uterus



Whilst it is fun to look at your belly every day to see when you will start showing its important to always put things into perspective.

Every single person’s pregnancy is going to be different.  

If you are always comparing yourself to the next person then you can never truly be happy.

The health of your baby should always come first.

If you really do want to see your own personal progress as your belly begins to grow then I would suggest you take photos of your belly every few days and keep track of your pregnancy.

Not only is this a fun exercise to do and will create some amazing memories for you but you will also be able to see your own personal growth as the days go by.



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When do you start showing


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When will your pregnancy start showing?