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Free Stuff For Mom And Baby


Free stuff for mom from pregnancy to birth


I don’t know anyone in the whole world who doesn’t like free stuff.

Even the richest person in the whole world who can buy anything they like would like a little free every now and again.

Getting something free is not always about what you can and can’t afford its about appreciation.

The moment you get something for free you feel kind of good about it.

It’s an achievement.

The free stuff for mom and baby that I’m about to show you will definitely give you that sense of achievement

The items are just what every new mom needs from pregnancy right through to after your baby is born.

I will add a little disclaimer here though. Although the items are either free or heavily discounted, there could be a small cost for shipping that is not included.

I can’t see that being too much of a problem considering that the item will outweigh the cost of delivery.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. You can keep scrolling and get to the fun stuff now!


Free shopping for mom


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Free Stuff for mom and baby


1. Canopy Couture

Canopy couture makes beautiful car seat covers for your baby.

You can choose if you like the tight fitting type of the loose cover.  

The best part is that there are a ton of designs to choose from so you don’t have to settle for one you won’t like just because its free.

You can click straight over to their website at https://www.carseatcanopy.com and use my discount code BROWNSKINMAMA50 to get a whopping $50 off or for FREE depending on your choice.


Free Stuff for mom


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2. Seven Baby

Seven baby is a great place to get yourself a baby sling.  If you don’t want to be carrying your baby in your arms everywhere you go then this is the perfect place to get sorted.

There is a huge selection to choose from depending on the style that you want.

Head over to https://www.sevenbaby.com and use discount code BROWNSKINMAMA40 for $40 OFF your purchase.


Free stuff for mom


3.  Nursing Pillow

Get yourself a free nursing pillow.  It’s what every new mom needs for feeding her baby. 

This will make life so much easier for you

Check out https://www.nursingpillow.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA40 FOR $40 off your pillow.


Free stuff for mom


4.  Udder Covers

Grab a free breastfeeding cover from here.  There are loads to choose from and they work great if breastfeeding in public is an issue for you.

Take a look at https://www.uddercovers.com and use discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 FOR $35 off immediately.


Breastfeeding cover - Free stuff for mom


5.  Milk Bands

If you don’t know what a milk band is then you really are missing out.

They are seriously the coolest thing ever.  They help to remind you which breast your baby last fed from.

All you need to do is to flip the band according to if your baby last fed on the left or right breast at their last feed.

Best of all with the discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 you can get 6 of them in an assortment of colors for FREE!



Free baby stuff for moms


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6.  Hot Slings

Hot slings is another place that you can get baby slings for next to nothing.  They also have a great selection to pick from. 

Take a look at their website https://www.hotslings.com and use discount code BROWNSKINMAMA30


7.  Belly Button

If you are struggling to get your pre-pregnancy jeans to fit you now that you are pregnant these belly button bands are just what you are looking for.

They will keep you in your regular jeans for as long as possible which means you get to save some money.

You can find the belly button bands at https://www.bellybuttonband.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA40 for $40 off your order.  

You can actually purchase 2 of these for under $3

Belly button band - Free stuff for mom


8.  Baby Leggings

At baby leggings, you get to choose between baby leggings or baby bibs.  

If you are really feeling adventurous then you can choose both because this discount code will give you enough money off to purchase a selection of the two!

https://www.babyleggings.com discount code BROWNSKINMAMA50 FOR $50 off


Baby leggings - Free stuff for mom


9.  Breast Pads

Could you do with 5 free sets of breast pads?  Yes?  Well, then you need to check out https://www.breastpads.com who are giving you just that.

You can get a mixture of 10 sets of breast pads for FREE using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 which gives you $35 off.

FREE stuff for mom - breast pads


10.  Ruffle Buns

Check out Ruffle Buns if you love those cute knickers for little girls.  There are an assortment to choose from and this discount code will give you a full $60 off your purchase.

Oh and did I mention that they have an option for boys too?

Go ahead check them out https://www.rufflebuns.com discount code BROWNSKINMAMA60 


FREE stuff for mom - Ruffle knickers


11.  Babsy Books

Choose from a selection of children books aimed at children from birth to age 3+.

You can get yourself a nice little selection of books and pay nothing for them!

https://www.babsybooks.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA40


BABSY BOOKS free stuff for mom


12.  Hot Hips

Hot hips has got you covered when it comes to staying in your pre-pregnancy trousers.  

I don’t need to say to too much here, just go check them out for yourself!

https://www.hothips.com discount code BROWNSKINMAMA60 for $60 off your purchase.


13.  Eskimo Kids

If it is winter where you are then your baby might just need one of these hats. 

Not only are they fashionable but they will keep your baby nice and warm too.  

Don’t forget that it’s free so you really have nothing to lose.

https://www.eskimokids.com discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 FOR $35 off.


Eskimo kids hat - Free stuff for mom


14.  Hooded Towels

If you haven’t purchased a hooded towel for your baby yet, you are missing out, seriously!

These towels are so cute and every child must have one…why?…just because they are too cute to miss out on.

Have a look at https://www.hoodedtowels.com and use discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 FOR $35 off your purchase.


Hooded towel - Free stuff for mom


15.  Pregnancy pillow

If you are having trouble sleeping in those last few weeks of pregnancy then you need to try this out.

It’s the only way to get a good nights sleep in those later days of pregnancy.

Have a look at https://www.pregnancypillow.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA50 for a huge saving!

Pregnancy Pillow - Free Stuff for mom


16.  iCoil

iCoils are a very clever idea especially if you have young children around.  I can’t tell you the number of times my little one will trip on a wire because it’s too long.

Well, this little gadget takes care of that problem.

Click over and take a look at https://www.icoil.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA30 for your $30 discount.


17.  Little Fans

Little fans are for those of you that love all things sports.

You can get bibs, bottles, pacifiers and security blankets which are all branded.

If you are curious, you can take a look here https://www.littlefans.com and use discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 for $35 off your purchase.


Little fans - Free stuff for mom


18.  Little Wonderers

If you are looking for some new shoes for your child then this is the perfect place.

You can find shoes from newborn till about 18 months.

Pop over and check out their website https://www.littlewanderers.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA60 FOR $60 OFF.

There’s a great selection to choose from so be sure to take a look.


Little Wonderers - Free stuff for mom


19.  Custom Pacifiers

Your pacifier will never get lost amongst the crowd again with these custom made pacifiers.

There are lots of designs to choose from and you can even put your child’s name on it!

https://www.custompacifiers.com use discount code BROWNSKINMAMA30 for your $30 discount.


Custom pacifier - Free stuff for mom


20.  Custom Snappies

Grab a custom baby vest for your baby from age 0-18 months.

There’s a huge selection of vests to choose from and you can customize them too.

You can’t get much better than that!

Check it out over at https://www.customsnappies.com using discount code BROWNSKINMAMA50


CUSTOM SNAPPIES - free stuff for mom


Hopefully, a few of these have tickled your fancy.  Don’t be shy, head over and check them out.  

It about time mom gets some free stuff!


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Free stuff for mom





Free stuff for new moms from bibs to shoes to breastfeeding covers. You can't get better than freebies!

Free stuff for moms from bibs to shoes to breastfeeding covers. You can't get better than that!

Free stuff for moms from bibs to shoes to breastfeeding covers. You can't get better than that!