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Natural birth tips




Going into labor is no joke! Most women love the thought of getting pregnant – But the hard part comes when its time to deliver your baby.

If you’re anything like me you could easily be walking around with an 8 pound baby!

You won’t even want to think about how you’re going to push your baby out of your tiny vagina.

It seems terrifying and almost impossible…but it is possible.

It’s possible to do it and have a natural birth.

In an ideal world, we all want to have a natural unassisted birth. Sometimes it works out that way and sometimes it doesn’t.


There are a few tips for having a natural birth that you can use to set you up on the right path to having YOUR perfect birth.

You might be wondering why I have put the word “YOUR” in capital letters. For good reason!

Every woman on this planet will have a birth that is tailored to them. No 2 birth stories will be the same. Your childbirth story will be completely unique to you so you can not compare it to someone else.


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Here are 17 helpful tips for a natural birth


1. Hire a doula

Some women find hiring a doula to be incredibly helpful. You can choose a doula to suit your particular needs.

Your doula can start work with you whenever you want them too at any point in your pregnancy.

It’s probably a good idea to get your doula in before you go into labor so they have time to get familiar with you.

During this time you can explain what it is that you hope to get from them and how they can best help you.

Your doula will usually be there in the delivery room with you and will help you through those moments where you feel as though things are just too much.

A doula will also help you stick to your natural birth plan and will be there to help you keep a level head during childbirth.

You can also hire your doula to be around after you have given birth to help you out during those early postpartum weeks.

Your doula will basically be an extension of you.


*You can get a copy of my free natural birth plan by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


Pregnant woman with her doula getting tips for natural birth


2. Take a childbirth class

Taking a childbirth class is really important because you will learn about all the things to expect during delivery that you may not even have thought of.

Not only that but taking a childbirth class can also help you to learn about important breathing techniques and the best ways to ease labor pain which you will definitely need during that last stage of transitional labor.

Childbirth classes are all the education that you need to be fully prepared for what lies ahead.

I would highly recommend you take a class like this.

I understand that sometimes when you are pregnant it’s not always easy to get around especially if you are suffering from pregnancy fatigue.

Why not take an online class like this one. It’s perfect for both you and your partner to take together. The more your partner knows, the more relaxed you can be on the big day,

Plus it means you won’t have to battle the traffic and weather outside.

Take a look at the class here.


Pregnant woman looking for tips on natural birth


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3. Music

Music is such a powerful tool. It can literally control all your emotions. That’s why having music where you are birthing is perfect.

I had music in my delivery room and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I put together a playlist of music that made me feel empowered. I would listen to it a lot whilst I was pregnant.

When I went into the delivery room and played the same music it just felt so beautiful. I felt so supported and encouraged by it.

You should definitely try putting your own playlist together for the big day.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a FREE trial of Amazon music and have access to over a million songs.  You can get your free trial here.


4. Take one contraction at a time

Once labor starts, try to take each contraction on its own. Don’t put into your mind that there will be another painful one coming in a few minutes time.

Deal with one contraction at a time and keep going that way. Don’t dread what is coming before it has even come. That’s a sure fire way to feel deflated FAST.

If you want that natural birth then you need to focus on the right now.


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Get 17 tips for having an easier natural birth. These tips will help you with pain management during your labor so you can get t meet your baby.


5. Stay at home for as long as possible

This is a tough one for me too. You worry that if you stay home too long you might get stuck in traffic or the baby will come before you reach the hospital.

The chances are that probably none of those things will happen but you still worry.

Staying at home for as long as possible actually benefits you.

When you are at home you are much more likely to cope with the pain of childbirth than if you rush to the hospital where you know you could probably tear up your natural birth plan and opt for all the pain killers the hospital has to offer.

Another thing is that if you turn up to the hospital too early you will only be turned away which will do no good for your mental psyche.

Remember that if this is your first pregnancy labor is likely to take much longer than for a second birth so don’t be in a huge rush to get to the hospital.


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If you are unsure about whether or not you will be returning back to work after your baby is born, you might want to consider some work from home jobs that can fit around your new mom life.


6. Stay mobile

This might sound strange but staying mobile as much as you can will mean a quicker delivery time. The more mobile you can be the easier it will be for your baby to continue to come down the birth canal.

Try to keep moving as much as you can.

Even sitting upright on a birthing ball is helpful to you.  I used this at home myself as my due date got closer and also whilst I was in labor when I didn’t have the energy to stand up anymore.  It helped me out a ton!


7. Consider a water birth

Deciding to have a water birth is a great little tip for a natural birth.

Water birthing is a great way to help you with pain management if you don’t want any other interventions.

There are pros and cons to having a water birth so make sure that you are well-rehearsed before you go into labor.


8. Home birth, perhaps?

Opting for a home birth is another great way to make sure you get to have the natural birth that you always wanted.

Having your baby at home means that there will be little or no other medication around.

Your midwife may have some gas and air and that will be up to you if you want to accept that as pain relief or not.

Other than this you will have to remain strong and focused during your delivery.

Choosing to have a home birth is really wonderful because it can be stress-free as long as you don’t run into any complications.

You will be able to have the full attention of both your midwife and doula.


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9. Practice relaxation and breathing techniques

If you have decided to take a childbirth class then you should get lots of instruction on how to breathe correctly for maximum effect.

Don’t take breathing correctly as a joke because believe me if you do it right it is a great way to manage pain naturally without any pain medication.

Some women find that yoga also helps them to relax during labor.

Pregnant woman in early labor


10. Have a calm environment

If there was ever a time that you need to stay calm, relaxed and stressfree this would be it.

You must make sure you have a calm environment around you.

Once you go into labor everything else just has to wait. It can wait.

You need to focus on the task at hand and that is to get your baby delivered safely.

You want to make sure that you are sending your baby only good vibes as they begin to make an appearance.


11. Distract yourself

Whenever I think about this one I always have to laugh because I’m always reminded of the time I went clothes shopping when I was in labor.

I kid you not!

It was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that baby number one usually take a while to make an appearance, so I went shopping as a distraction.

Whilst it was definitely a distraction it was also very strange to see people going about their everyday business when I was about to have my baby at any moment. It was just surreal to me.

You don’t have to go out into public like I did but you can distract yourself in other ways.

Some women like to tidy up, some like to watch a funny film or cook. Whatever takes your fancy is fine as long as you are relaxed and distracted from the pain.


12. Power of positive thinking

Positive thinking might sound wishy-washy but it really helps with your mental attitude.

Don’t underestimate what positive thinking and strong affirmations can do for you.


13. Feel free to change position

Feel free to move around when you are in labor.

There is no law that says you must stay in a single spot.
In fact, sometimes moving around can help you speed up labor but also ease the discomfort of a contraction.

Its a great pain management technique.


Woman in active labor


14. Make noise

Weird I know!

Believe me, making those weird animal-like noises actually helps you to release tension.

I’m not talking about going all out wild but just enough noise that you are helping your body to relax.

Don’t feel that you have to be prim and proper.  Whatever makes it easier for you to get through the pain is fine.



15. Take advantage of breaks

Remember contractions have breaks in between.

Even though you may feel the pain of an awful contraction, it won’t be there forever. In a minute or so it will be gone and you will get a break.

It’s possible to even fall asleep right after a contraction. I have done it many times because I was so tired.

Make the most of your contraction break.

Remember each contraction is a step closer to meeting your baby, so continue to think positively.


16. Let the pain wash over you

It’s so important for you to let keep your body as limp as possible when a contraction hits you.  It’s the best way to deal with the pain.

If you tense your body you will feel the pain a lot more.


17. Do it fearlessly!

Women go through childbirth all the time. Every day a woman gives birth.

They are not stronger than you or me.

I guarantee you, if you go into labor with a positive mental attitude and keep it all the way through you will come out feeling victorious.

What a lot of women fail to tell you about is that right after you have delivered your baby it is the most empowering feeling you will ever have.

I’m almost convinced that there is no other feeling like it.

When you give birth do it fearlessly!


Final thoughts on tips for having a natural birth

If you have read all the way through this then I know you are serious about getting tips for a natural birth.

That same determination that you have used to do all this research will also get you through childbirth.

I believe in you mama, you got this!


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Get 17 tips for having an easier natural birth. These tips will help you with pain management during your labor so you can get t meet your baby.