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Postpartum Essentials, mom to be laying on bed

Postpartum essentials you won’t want to live without!


After you have just given birth is a really special time. The whole postpartum phase is an extremely overwhelming and precious time for both mom and baby.

There are so many things that happen to a woman’s body during this time that you’ll want to make sure that you are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

You definitely don’t want to be caught short here. So I’ve put together a list of the top 9 postpartum essential items that you will need as soon as you give birth.

You’ll want to make sure that you get these items before you go into labor so you have one less thing to think about.

Anyway, without further ado lets jump straight in there.


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If you are feeling unprepared for your postpartum journey why not get yourself a copy of the postpartum handbook? The booklet is super handy for new moms who want to be prepared for the changes that are about to happen to both their mind and body.  You can take a look at the handbook here, you won’t regret it!


Postpartum Essentials Every New Mom Needs


1. Postpartum tea

Herbal postpartum teas are really great for your body. Not only do they help to speed up your recovery but they will also help to balance out your hormones and help you to feel normal again.

There are a few postpartum teas out there on the market at the moment but whilst I can’t go through them all, there are a few that I think are really great and are definitely worth you considering.  

Red raspberry leaf tea – This is probably a more popular tea and is often drunk during pregnancy. A lot of women don’t actually now that it also makes for a wonderful postpartum tea too.

Some of the benefits of drinking this tea are that it helps with the contracting of your uterus and also giving your milk supply a lovely boost. This is pretty awesome if you plan on breastfeeding.

Nettle leaf tea – This postpartum tea is really great because not only does it help with boosting your milk supply it is also an awesome pain reliever. Some also believe that this tea will help to keep you calm.

Peppermint tea – Peppermint postpartum tea also comes with its benefits. Drinking peppermint tea is said to help you reduce stress and help with weight loss.

If you are having a bit of a hard time with trying to lose weight after pregnancy then this might be for you. Just be aware that if you are breastfeeding this could affect your milk supply so err on the side of caution with this one.


Pregnant woman drinking red raspberry leaf tea whilst on the phone


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2. Lanolin free nipple cream

If breastfeeding is new to you (even if it’s not) then I would highly advise that you get some lanolin free nipple cream just like this one from Earth Mama

It is safe to use whilst you breastfeed, so no need to worry about your baby consuming tiny traces of it when they are feeding.

Lanolin free nipple creams are great for helping you to prevent your nipples cracking and for any pain that you might experience whilst breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding can hurt a little at first until your nipples begin to toughen up. You’ll definitely want this one by your side at all times.


3. Sitz bath

A sitz bath postpartum can feel like an actual lifesaver. After giving birth your lady parts can feel completely shot to pieces.

You might be feeling really sore down there and you may even have had to have a few stitches after birth. Well, a sitz bath will completely help you get some pain relief for that area.

There are different ways to do this.

You can purchase the bath salts that go into a shallow amount of water that you sit in whenever you have time like this one.

Alternatively if like me you have no sacred time in the bathroom alone because you have other children that want to know exactly what you are doing in there, then you can opt for something a lot more quickly to use like this perineal spray which will have a cooling effect on that area.


Woman in bath with face covered


4. Witch hazel pads

Meet your new best friend witch hazel postpartum pads.

These pads are pretty amazing because they have the cooldown effect.

After using your perineal spray or taking your sitz bath you can then put your witch hazel pad into your knickers.

Remember there is going to be a lot of postpartum bleeding going on especially in those first few days so you will need something that you will be kind to your lady parts.

Witch hazel pads work really well because they help to relieve inflammation and swelling.

You can pick up your essential witch hazel pads by clicking this link.


9 postpartum essentials for mom to help her recovery after childbirth


5. Medela manual breast pump

The Medela manual breast pump is a perfect item to have if you are breastfeeding and need to be away from your baby for short periods of time.

It’s very affordable, easy to use and you can carry it around in your handbag without any fuss what so ever.

Its ideal for the times that you simply can’t be with your baby but still want your child to get all the benefits of breastfeeding.

Take a look at the Medela manual breast pump here.

Medela manual breastfeeding pump

6. Postpartum girdle

Let’s face it pregnancy is hard on the body so it takes a little while before things can just pop back to where they were before.

Unfortunately, it can leave new moms feeling self-conscious about their bodies.

Whilst I don’t think that you should ever have to “fake” yourself there is absolutely no harm in wanting to look your best.

A postpartum girdle can help you to achieve that.

The best thing about postpartum girdles is that not only do they help you to look great in your clothes but they also help your uterus to shrink back.

For me personally I really like this type of postpartum girdle but if you are still a little confused you can check out my full review of the best postpartum girdles right here.


7. Liquid stool softener

While a stool softener sounds like something you may not need it’s always better to be prepared.

I can tell you that after every child that I have given birth to my worst fear is also having to go to the toilet afterward.

I can just about manage to pee but when it comes to poop that’s a whole different ball game!

Some women can suffer from constipation after having given birth and find it increasingly different to have a bowel movement.

Stool softeners really help here because it will basically do what it says on the tin.

Going to the toilet after birth can be just a scary as the labor itself especially if you are dealing with stitches.

I could tell you even more stories but I’ll spare you this time.

If you are worried about having your first bowel movement after childbirth then you can purchase some stool softeners here.


Stool softener for postpartum constipation


8. Best types of Nursing bra

Nursing bras are wonderful for me because I like to breastfeed on demand. I never wait to find a private hidden area to go and feed my baby.

On the other hand, I like to be very discreet too.

In order to do this, I need to make sure that I have a really good nursing bra on hand.

A good nursing bra will allow you to give your baby quick access to your breast without having to remove your bra or stretch and damage it so you can feed.

It’s always best to go for a wireless bra like this one if you intend on breastfeeding.


9.  Disposable knickers

Disposable knickers are the bomb!  They have literally saved me so many times in the past.  

The great thing about these knickers is that they are throw away.  It means that’s you don’t have to worry about blood stains etc (sorry to sound gross)

These disposable postpartum knickers make life’s so much easier because in those first few days postpartum you will literally bleed everywhere no matter how well wrapped up you think you are.

It’s not fun but having these make things seem that much easier to handle.

You can pick up your disposable postpartum knickers by clicking this link.


Final thoughts on postpartum essentials

As I’ve already mentioned before having your postpartum essentials all ready to go is really important.

You don’t want to be fussing around at the last minute trying to make sure you have all of these essential items packed and ready for the hospital or worse still after you have already delivered your baby.

It’s a good idea to get yourself organized early before it becomes a stressful exercise. Remember these postpartum essentials are all things that you will need once you have delivered your baby.


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Postpartum essentials for after birth


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9 Postpartum essential items that you will need after pregnancy to help with your postpartum recovery as a new mom