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The Best Co-sleeper bassinets

We have checked out these 4 co-sleeper bassinets and have taken the time to review and compare them on your behalf.

These bassinets are all very individual and serve slightly different purposes depending on your needs as a parent.

If you have a new baby or one on the way, chances are that you will want to have your baby sleep as close to you as possible.

You might be worried about co-sleeping with your baby because of all the horror stories that are flying around about how unsafe co-sleeping can be.

Doctors don’t encourage co-sleeping because of the risk it can pose to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Truth be told getting a co-sleeping bassinet reduces the risk to your newborn and allows for safe co-sleeping without the worry.

According to the American Acadamy of Pediatrics, “you should avoid the use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys. The crib should be bare”.

These days bassinets are becoming more and more popular because of the convenience that they offer.


I’ve looked at a few bassinets that are on the market for newborns and I’ve picked 4 that I think would be worth taking a look at.

Before I go into a detailed explanation of each one. Let’s take a quick look at what a bassinet is used for and how it can help you.


Best co-sleeper bassinet


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What is a co-sleeper bassinet?

A co-sleeper bassinet is different from a crib. It is meant for babies who are newborn until roughly the age of 5-6 months.

A co-sleeper bassinet will allow you to have your baby sleep next to you without you having the fear of rolling over and squashing your baby whilst you sleep.

I know a lot of mothers have this genuine fear especially once sleep deprivation kicks in during the postpartum period.

You can often fall into a much deeper sleep due to sheer exhaustion and therefore may not be aware of your baby.

It is a genuine fear so having a co-sleeper bassinet is a great option to have.

A co-sleeper bassinet will either allow your baby to sleep right next to your bedside or sleep on the same bed as you (bedshare).


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How does a co-sleeping bassinet help me?

The co-sleeper bassinet makes it possible for you to get some sleep too as well as baby.

It’s a common fact especially if you are breastfeeding your baby that they will sleep when they want and how they want.

What I mean by that is, your baby can decide to fall asleep on the breast at 1 am in the morning.  You will have to try and stay awake for fear of falling asleep and accidentally hurting your baby.

I can categorically tell you that after the first few nights of having little to no sleep a bassinet will become your best friend.

Once your baby is asleep you can put them down very easily in the bassinet with minimal disruption.  You are safe in the knowledge that you can have a good sleep in your own bed whilst still being next to your baby.

Once you master breastfeeding on your side you will be able to feed your baby and go to sleep yourself as you know your baby is in a safe place.  You can simply fall asleep whilst your baby is still feeding.  

Being able to do this has saved me hours of sleep time.

Having a co-sleeper will alleviate all those fears for you.

If you have ever tried to put down a sleeping baby into a crib you will know it can be tough, especially when you have to lower them so far down.

A co-sleeper bassinet takes care of that problem for you.

In all honesty, your time should be better spent getting some sleep so you have enough energy to look after your baby rather than trying to hold your eyelids open for fear of falling asleep.


Here's how to find the best co-sleeper bassinet for your baby. I've included 4 products which are currently the best on the market for safe sleeping with your newborn


How do I choose the best co-sleeping bassinet?

In order to pick out the best type of bassinet, you need to think about your situation.

Do you want a bassinet that has other advantages?

Does it have to fit into a small space?

Do you need to be able to move it from room to room?

Is price going to be a major factor for you?

Do you need to be able to travel with it?

Does it have to pack down quite small?

Must the co-sleeper be assembled in a certain amount of time?

These are all questions that you must ask yourself when looking for that perfect bassinet for your new baby.


I’ve taken the time to look at 4 of the best co-sleepers out there on the market so you can get a better idea as to the type of bassinet you should opt for to protect your baby.


#1 Arms Reach Concepts


The Arms Reach is a great choice and has many positives about it.

It is available for purchase at Amazon and comes in varying colors which is great if you want it to match your color scheme.

The bassinet works from newborn to approximately age 5 months.

One side of the bassinet drops down so you can have easy access to your baby or you can choose to have it remain up if you will not be in the room.

There are storage compartments at the bottom of the bassinet which are super helpful if you need to quickly grab a diaper or wipes during the night.

You can even keep milk bottle supplies down there if you are bottle feeding.

The storage also works well if you have limited space in the room. Baby items can easily begin to take up lots of space before you know it so this is a great little space saver.

The co-sleeper bassinet comes on wheels making it extremely easy to move around the room if you need it to.

For extra security, you can attach the bassinet to your bedside in case you are worried about it moving around during the night.

The sides of the bassinet are made of mesh so if you do decide to keep the side of the bassinet up you will still have a perfect view of your baby.

The Arms Reach Concepts Bassinet is available here to purchase.




#2 Swaddle Me By Your Side


The Swaddle Me By Your Side is slightly different from the Arms Reach as it is not a stand alone product.

This product is great for parents who want to keep baby close without the fear of accidentally squashing their baby but it still allows you the option to bedshare.

This bassinet lays on your bed with you.

You can use this product so that your baby can sleep between you and your partner in safety.

It has mesh sides to ensure your baby is kept nice and cool at a constant temperature.

The bassinet folds down really easily into a small size when it is not in use. This makes it a good travel companion if you are going away for a few nights.

The swaddle me by your side bassinet is one of the best travel cribs on the market.

The Swaddle Me is a great price and affordable.

The only real downside to the Swaddle Me that I can find is that you must have a decently sized bed in order for it to fit on the bed with both you and your partner.

The Swaddle Me By Your Side Co-sleeper Bassinet is available for purchase here



#3 HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper


As the name suggests the swivel sleeper rotates and swivels to make it easier for you to draw your baby closer to you whilst you are laying in bed.

The bassinet can rotate a full 360 degrees.

The side of the crib can be lowered at your convenience.

The base of the bassinet is adjustable so you can make sure that you remain at eye level with your baby all the time.

You no longer have to worry about if the bassinet will be too high or too low compared to your own bed.

The Halo bassinet is a great bedside sleeper and will ensure that your little one can sleep safely in their own bed but comfortably as close to you as possible.

Just like the other products above, the HALO has a mesh side allowing baby to be visible next to you.

You can pick up your very own HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper here


#4 Graco Dream Suite Bassinet


If you are looking for a great bedside bassinet then the Graco Dream Suite is a good option.

It has wheels similar to the Arms Reach bassinet. The wheels enable you to be able to move the bassinet wherever you need it to go without having to do any heavy lifting.

The wheels are also lockable meaning that you won’t need to worry if you have any other little ones in the house who are likely to give it a push whilst your newborn is still inside sleeping.

This bassinet also vibrates at 2 settings which is perfect if you have a baby who likes movement. It will save you having to walk up and down in order to send your baby to sleep.

What’s really special about this bassinet is that it quickly turns into a changer at the touch of a button.

This means that if you are pushed for space you won’t need to purchase a changing station too.

You can continue to use this bassinet long past the point where your baby no longer fits the bassinet.

There is also extra storage space at the bottom of the co-sleeper bassinet meaning that you can store those much needed spare diapers, wipes and spare clothes close to hand.

The mattress cover is also removable and machine washable making your life that much easier.

You can take a look t the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet here


The great thing about all these co-sleeping bassinets is that your baby will still be able to sleep close enough to you so they can sleep peacefully and sense that you are close by.

Babies are extremely sensitive to smell and they know when you are near, this is even more so if you are breastfeeding.

Once your baby is satisfied that you are close the chances are that they will sleep for longer meaning that you can too.

Sleep is the best present you can give to any new parent. You can quote me on that!


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The best co-sleeping bassinet


Find the best co sleeping bassinet for your baby. These 4 products are the best currently on the market for both mom and baby.

Here's how to find the best co-sleeper bassinet for your baby. I've included 4 products which are currently the best on the market for safe sleeping with your newborn

Here's how to find the best co-sleeper bassinet for your baby. I've included 4 products which are currently the best on the market for safe sleeping with your newborn