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Is your baby safe in a sling


When you have a newborn baby it can be difficult to get things done, especially around the house.

If you can get a baby sling for your newborn it will completely transform how you can go about your day to day life.

The really great thing about a baby sling is that it means you can still remain close to your baby whilst doing other things.

I absolutely love that babywearing is just like going back to basics.  You are no longer forced to leave your baby to cry whilst you get on with chores.

You can just pick up your baby and take them with you.  It also reinforces the bond between you and your baby, similar to skin to skin contact.

If you would like to know more about baby slings for newborns and the benefits of babywearing, then you need to read on.


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Baby wearing


Are baby slings safe for newborns?

Yes, they are safe as long as you get the right type according to the age of your child.

Once you have checked out the weight and the suitability for your child you can pretty much begin using your sling straight away.

Just make sure that feel confident enough using it. There is certainly nothing wrong with practicing before you use it with your baby.

There are also some other precautions that you need to take when using a baby sling for your newborn which I will go through.


    • Make sure you check that the baby carrier you choose for your newborn is appropriate and that your child meets the minimum weight requirement.


    • Make sure your baby’s head is properly supported when using the sling.


    • If your baby is still a newborn make sure you only carry them facing you.  Never turn your baby around (to your back) until they can comfortably support their own head.


    • Make sure your baby’s face is never covered whilst you are carrying them as this could lead to suffocation.


  • Always make sure the baby carrier for your newborn is fully functional and that there are no damages each time you use it.


Baby sling foe newborns


What age can you put a baby in a carrier?

As mentioned above you can use a baby carrier from the moment your baby is born.

There are types of carriers and slings for different ages which may become more suitable along the way.


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What age do carriers go up to?

You can carry your child for as long as it is comfortable for you.  Some parents like to stop around the age of one and some like to continue for longer.

There really isn’t a set age for this.  As long as your baby is within the weight requirements you can still safely use it.


Babywearing can be so beneficial to a new mom. There are many different types of baby wraps to suit your needs. Learn everything you need to know about babywearing right here.


What are the babywearing benefits?

There are so many babywearing benefits that it is almost irresistible to new parents.


1.  The biggest advantage for new parents is the ability to have free hands to do other things.

I know when I became a mom I really struggled with trying to get things done whilst having a baby in my arms for most of the day.

Babywearing solves that problem straight away.


2. Helps with bonding with your newborn

Your baby will be able to hear your heartbeat and your voice and will have a closeup view of your face whenever they want.


3.  Helps with your baby’s development skills

Whilst you are babywearing your baby can see and hear everything that you do so they will e a lot of brain activity going on.


4. Using a baby carrier makes it easier and quicker to get around

It can be difficult getting around shops with a buggy so having a carrier is much easier especially if you just want to pop in and out with minimum fuss.


Baby sling options for newborns

One of the best baby slings for newborns that I have come across is by Seven Baby.

They have different types of slings according to the age of your child and right now you can get a MASSIVE $40 off your order when you use the code BROWNSKINMAMA40

If you are on the lookout for a sling for your baby then I would very much recommend that you give Seven Baby a try.  They have some really great options available to you including baby wraps if you would prefer.

What are you waiting for? Free up your hands and spend some stress-free quality time with your baby.


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There are so many benefits in babywearing for both mom and baby. Find out the 4 benefits to baby wearing to get you ahead in motherhood


Babywearing can be so beneficial to a new mom. There are many different types of baby wraps to suit your needs. Learn everything you need to know about babywearing right here.

There are so many benefits to baby wearing. Not only will your newborn be happy and content with you but it also means that you get to do all the things that you need to do during the day. There are so many positions you can carry your baby the choice is just endless!