Hospital bag checklist


As time goes on and you start to grow bigger in size you need to think about getting your bag packed for the hospital.

You’ve probably already read a ton of stuff already about what you should and should not pack.

The truth be told there are some things that you will absolutely need to pack and other things that perhaps it would just nice to have but not really essential to pack.

If you are in your third trimester then you definitely want to think about getting your hospital bag in order.

You can use a hospital bag checklist to do this.

Labor can start at any time so you’ll need to be prepared.

The worst thing that can happen is going into labor only to find you have nothing packed.

You’ll have to rely on relaying to someone else all the stuff that you need to pack whilst you are laying in a hospital bed.

During my first pregnancy, I remember packing my hospital bag in my second trimester just because I was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet my baby.

Fast forward to my third pregnancy and I didn’t pack my hospital bag until a few days before I was due.

I loved my baby and couldn’t wait to meet him but I was just so incredibly tired.

Don’t be like me and leave packing until the last minute.


Husband and wife on couch planning hospital bag checklist


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What should I take in my delivery hospital bag?


The first thing you need to understand is that technically you need to pack two bags to take to the hospital.

One for you and one for your baby. You can pack the items into one bag if you wish too but you will most definitely need separate items for you and your baby.


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Heres what you need to pack in your hospital bag for mom


Your hospital bag checklist should include the following:

Essential Items for your hospital bag


Birth plan


Having a birth plan is really important as it tells your doctor or midwife exactly what you do and do not want during labor.

If you don’t already have a birth plan prepared then now is the time to get that done.


Laboring clothes


Depending on how comfortable you are will depend on what you want to wear for labor.

Some people are comfortable in a dress, others in a bikini top or similar. A bikini top is great especially if you plan on having a water birth.


Maternity Pads


You will absolutely need these. Don’t go for those thin cute type.

You’ll need all the protection you can get so make sure you get the thick type that’s really embarrassing to wear, just like these.

Do not use tampons as these can be very dangerous for postpartum bleeding and may even cause infection.

Do no treat postpartum bleeding the same as a period, they are two different things entirely.


Perineal Spray (for “down there”)


You’ll definitely need some of this, especially if you had to have stitches after giving birth.

It can get very sore down there, to the point that you would sometimes rather stand than have to suffer the pain of sitting down.

I particularly like this type of spray because its natural so you’re not spraying any nasty stuff on an already tender spot.


Disposable postpartum knickers


Unless you want to run the risk of staining all your favorite knickers I highly recommend you purchase disposables like this.

Once you are done, you can just throw the underwear away. The best part of all is that you won’t be adding to your laundry pile.

That’s always going to be a bonus for me.


Preparing for baby and thinking of what to pack in her hospital bag


Going home outfit


When you plan your going home outfit you will want to make sure that it is something comfortable and loose that you can wear.

If you are planning on breastfeeding then you’ll want to make sure that you have easy access to breastfeed.

Your postpartum body is going to look very different to what you are used too especially at first, so choose your outfit wisely.

Your pre-pregnancy jeans probably won’t fit yet and neither perhaps will your maternity jeans so bear that in mind.


Nursing bra


Nursing bras are the best thing ever. They are made to be comfortable and give you easy access for breastfeeding.

Wearing a nursing bra will mean that you don’t have to try to pull your whole boob out to feed. The best kind of nursing bra that I have found is this type.

Personally speaking, I can’t be without a nursing bra when I am breastfeeding.


Breast pads


Breast pads are another thing that you will need. They are fairly inexpensive and will protect you in case you get an overwhelming influx of leaking milk.

I have always been fortunate enough that my breasts only leaked milk when I first started breastfeeding.

After about a week or two they always adjusted themselves to the demands of my baby and I stopped leaking.

Usually, I can stop using breast pads fairly quickly but I realize that is not the case for everyone.

Its best to be prepared and purchase some on the off chance you may leak all over your clothes. It’s not very flattering.

Fortunately, you can pick some reusable one for FREE right here with this discount code BROWNSKINMAMA35 and just pay for shipping.

Or if you prefer you can get the disposable ones here.





If you give birth during the night, there is a good chance that you will have to spend the night in hospital.

If that is the case then you will need to make sure that you have some night clothes packed inside your hospital bag.

You can get a decent night dress here which can still allow you to easily breastfeed. 

I always have the problem of not knowing what to wear when I’m breastfeeding and this solves that problem.

The key is to make sure that you have everything that will make you comfortable enough to make your stay in the hospital a relaxed one.




I would always advise you pack a toothbrush when going into the hospital no matter what time of day it is.

Once you are leaving that hospital you don’t want to feel grimy and dirty.

Its cheap enough to pick up a spare toothbrush and keep it packed inside your hospital bag.




With all that will be going on “down there,” you will most likely need a towel if you want to have a bath.

It’s better to have one and not need it than not have one and need it.


Find out what to pack inside your hospital bag. This ultimate hospital bag checklist is great for moms to be and includes a checklist too!


Non-essential items for your hospital bag

Snacks/ Food


It’s a very good idea to have some snacks or a little food with you when you go into hospital.

I’m not talking about rice and chicken but more about little things that can live inside your hospital bag without going rotten.

Crisps, a drink, basically anything that will comfort you.

It’s also really great because if your partner is at the hospital with you they may also get peckish and want a pick me up.

After my first child, I always made sure I had snacks packed for my children too.

When my children would come to visit me in the hospital I wouldn’t have to worry about the complaining about wanting something to eat.

It always takes huge pressure off me by doing that and I can focus on my baby instead.


Cell phone charger


A charger is handy if you need a recharge so you can make those important calls.


Lip balm


I know this seems trivial but believe me when the time comes you will need it.

You will find it helpful both during your labor and afterwards. You can thank me later.




I’m a great believer in music when you’re laboring as it helps to calm you.

Having a playlist of music can be helpful once the contractions start.




If you feel that you would like to take a pair of slippers then I would recommend ones like this as they are waterproof so you can wear them in the shower and don’t have to go barefooted.


Hairbrush/ Comb


Once you’re ready to leave the hospital you might just be rooting around for one of these.


Bath sponge / flannel


Just in case you do need to take a shower and freshen up.


Woman using her hospital bag checklist


What you need to pack in your baby hospital bag


This hospital bag checklist for your baby should include the following items:




You can pick up size one diapers and pack some in your bag. The hospital usually can provide diapers but its best to be prepared.

You’re going to need to buy some for home anyway so it’s a good idea to pack a few for your baby.




Unless you are planning on using cotton wool and water to clean up your baby, which sounds like too much work for me. You will need to buy some wipes.

I recommend you buy the fragrance-free type like these ones so you don’t irritate your baby’s bottom.

Baby’s bums can be very sensitive when they are little so you’ll need to be very careful.




Your new baby will need a sleepsuit to wear once they are delivered.

It’s best to keep your newborn nice and warm at the beginning until they can begin to regulate their own body temperature.

A sleepsuit will help you to achieve this.

The great thing about sleepsuits is that they are very easy to put on and take off.

There is no need at this age to dress your child up in fancy clothes.




If you don’t live in a hot country then you might want to consider a bodysuit to wear underneath your baby’s sleepsuit.

I always advise getting bodysuits and sleepsuits that are one color to make laundry washing easier.




You will want to bring along a towel for your baby even if you don’t plan on bathing them straight away. Babies can be unpredictable so its best to be prepared.


Burp cloth


I couldn’t be without a burp cloth like these ones because your baby will definitely need one. Newborns are known for spitting up milk.

Having a burp cloth makes it easy to throw over your shoulder in case your baby is sick so you don’t mess up your clothes and can easily clean up your baby too.


Infant car seat


It is so easy to forget your car seat when you are in a rush to the hospital.

If you have space in your car, as the day draws closer I would suggest leaving the car seat in your car so you don’t forget it. Believe me it does happen!


***Major tip***

Make sure you know how to fit your infant car seat in advance to save your embarrassment later on in the hospital car park!


Diaper Bag

If you don’t have a maternity bag yet I would recommend this one.

It has great compartment space so you can store all your baby’s bits inside.

Don’t leave it too long before you start packing!


Download your hospital bag checklist here

Hospital bag checklist download


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Find out what to pack inside your hospital bag. This ultimate hospital bag checklist is great for moms to be and includes a checklist too!

Find out everything you need for hospital with this hospital bag checklist. It's perfect for moms to be and will give you the peace of mind that you need for labor. Includes hospital bag checklist!

Find out everything you need for hospital with this hospital bag checklist. It's perfect for moms to be and will give you the peace of mind that you need for labor. Includes hospital bag checklist!