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Baby's First Christmas


Christmas is a magical time of the year where there is joy and happiness all around. People tend to have extra tolerance in this season.

We love the cheerfulness that Christmas brings.  Christmas is even more special and magical when it’s your baby’s first Christmas.

Generally speaking as parents, we can’t wait to share everything concerning Christmas with our children.

I know some people may think that your baby is too young (if this is their first Christmas) to really understand the festivities of Christmas time but that doesn’t have to stop you.

There is perhaps some element of truth in that, but there is no difference between choosing to go all out for Christmas with your baby and celebrating their one year birthday with a big party.

That’s not to say that celebrating your baby’s first Christmas is wrong.  It’s just a personal choice.

If you are wanting to go all out and celebrate your baby’s first Christmas here are a few Christmas traditions you can use to get you started.


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Holiday traditions you can start for your baby’s first Christmas


1. Chrismas Music

My son loves music.  You put on music and he begins to shake his body in excitement.  I love to watch because his innocence is mindblowing.

Playing Christmas music brings a little bit of sparkle into the home.

My son is 1.5 now but last year due to circumstances we didn’t really get a chance to celebrate in the way that we would have liked.  This year will be different for us and it can be for you too.

Start by playing those Christmas songs and give your baby a reason to smile, dance and be happy.  

Remember it’s always good to lead by example *wink*.


baby's first christmas music


2. Christmas Lights

Everyone loves Christmas lights and so will your baby.

If you can get the flashing colored ones (the ones that change color at intervals) you will get bonus points here because all babies love colors!


Christmas lights


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3. Family Movie Time

Make the day fun by watching musical Christmas movies.

I don’t suggest you put your child in front of the TV for the whole day, but the odd movie during the day will bring a lovely vibe if you watch it as a family.


Baby's first Christmas movies


4.  Take an obscene amount of pictures

This is not the time to be camera shy.  Capture those moments when your child is in awe of all things Christmas.

This is your baby’s first Christmas so you have to treasure it as much as possible.

Don’t feel shy about putting your child in the fancy Christmas hat or dare I say it…the full Christmas costume.

You’ll never get the chance to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas again so you may as well do it with a bang.


Christmas traditions that you can use to share the holidays with your baby. These ideas will help you to bond with your baby boy or girl during this special time


5. Bake some cookies

Your baby may be too young in to get in on the whole baking cookies tradition just yet but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start.

Bake some cookies and if your child is able too, let them get to work on the icing or perhaps just let them make a mess with icing.

There will be a lot of mess to clean up but that’s ok because it’s Christmas!


Christmas Cookies


6.  Christmas Eve Box

These are really special because you can do them every year and make them different.

As this one is for your baby’s first Christmas they will probably be a little too young to fully appreciate it just yet.

You can make this one a memory box of things from when you gave birth.

You know the kind of thing I am talking about, the little hand gloves that now look so small they don’t seem like that could ever fit a human being.

You could have those in the box along with any other precious items you may have and let your child open it in the following years to come.

As babies can lose interest quite quickly you could add a few extra noise shakers in there too if you make a box for your baby to open now.


baby's first Christmas gift box


7.  Read some Christmas stories

Christmas stories are always fun when you do them as a family.

It would be a good idea to get a small selection of books that you can begin reading to your child in the run-up to Christmas day.


Christmas stories to share with your baby


8.  Special handprint

Take the time to make a hand mold for your baby’s first Christmas.

Once it has dried you can hang it up on the Christmas tree as a special ornament each year.


9.  Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner goes without saying.  Personally speaking its the thing that just peaks the Christmas spirit for us as a family.

We love to sit by the table with family and enjoy a nice meal together.

This year you get the added bonus of having your baby enjoy their first Christmas alongside you.


Christmas dinner with your baby


10.  Budgeted Family Presents

We love presents, who doesn’t?

Instead of spending hoards of cash just because it is your baby’s first Christmas you could try something a little different.

Perhaps set a budget and each year you get to buy a present for someone else but without going over a fixed amount of money.


Baby's first Christmas Presents


These traditions are such a great idea for making your baby’s first Christmas a special one.

What’s even better about them is the fact that you can take them through the different years to come and develop on them if need be.

Make your Christmas special this year.




Christmas traditions that you can use to share the holidays with your baby. These ideas will help you to bond with your baby boy or girl during this special time