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Reasons your baby is crying


Stop baby crying with these easy to follow tips.  Most people think that babies cry for no reason but that simply isn’t true.

Newborn babies can’t talk so their only method of communication is to cry.

I think that is pretty fair, don’t you?

This is one of the reasons why I can’t agree with the cry it out method.

If a baby’s only method of communication is to cry then it would be unjust to leave them to cry it out because they are crying.

If you are a new mom it’s understandable that it can get confusing as to what is actually wrong with your child.

The more you get to know your child you will be able to tell the difference between the different types of cries.

I know that sounds almost crazy to you right now but believe me, there is a difference between your babies cry because they are uncomfortable and a cry of actual pain.

You will soon get to hear the difference in sound.


How to stop baby crying


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Newborns haven’t yet quite mastered the art of sending themselves to sleep.

Often a baby will rub their eyes and cry meaning that they are tired.

You have to remember that a newborn will spend most of the day sleeping.  They sleep nothing like you and me.

A newborn can spend up to 16 or 17 hours a day sleeping.

So just because they woke up 30 minutes ago doesn’t mean that they can’t still be tired and need a nap.


Whether you are a new mom or not if you are struggling to get your baby to sleep and are worried about the ill effects of it on your baby you should take a look at The Sleep Schedule Program to help get your baby sleeping through the nights – And you too!


Sleeping baby



Let’s face it, no one wants to be in a dirty or wet diaper.  If your baby feels unclean they need a way to be able to tell you.

You can stop baby crying by simply making sure your baby’s diaper is always clean.

Newborns tend to get dirty diapers very quickly so be prepared to change a diaper every couple of hours.

They tend to poop more especially after a feed. This is completely normal.

In the first few days of life, you will find that your newborn will feed, then poop, then need to feed again because they have just pooped.

It’s a vicious circle.

I remember one day counting 8 dirty diapers on the floor in quick succession, one after the other.

Let’s just say that night was a very long night indeed.


This is why your newborn is crying



Babies get hungry very quickly especially if they are breastfed.

Breast milk is tailored in such a way that it made to be easily digestible in your baby’s gentle stomach.

For this reason, the milk can sometimes seem like it is coming out as quickly as it is going into your baby.

If you can look out for the signs that your baby is hungry you can potentially stop baby crying before they get to the point of distress.

If you study your baby, you will see that when they are hungry they will start to turn their heads from side to side looking for the breast.

This is a good indication that they are hungry and need feeding.

Look out for small signs that your child may give. The signs may be subtle but they will be there if you look hard enough.


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Don’t be fooled by anyone, babies can start teething even at a month old.

I noticed this with all my children who were very early teethers.

I could tell right away that they were uncomfortable and that something was not right.

Usually, the symptoms for teething are quite easy to spot. Dribbling is the most common symptom.

If you can somehow soothe your baby in good time you can you can get your baby to stop crying before they feel too upset.


Teething baby - How to stop baby crying



Babies can get ill and they have no way of communicating that to you using words.

Usually, you can sense when something is not right with your baby.

If you are in any doubt you should check your baby’s temperature or see a doctor if you are worried in any way.

It’s always better to check out any suspicions that you may have and be wrong rather than let your child stay suffering.



We all need to burp, even that tiny little baby asleep on your lap.

If your baby is bottle-fed, the chances are that they will need to burp even more so.

This is less of a concern for breastfed babies.

Babies who are bottle-fed are more likely to swallow air as they feed therefore needing to burb more often.

Knowing how to burb takes practice and your baby hasn’t developed this skill yet.

They will need your help by sitting them up and gently rubbing or patting them on the back in order for the air to come out.


Baby is crying because of feeling tired



Overstimulation is actually quite common in babies.  We as parents are guilty of doing this quite often.  I know I for one am.

Sometimes I feel as though I need to show my baby so many different things and keep them entertained so they don’t get bored.

In actual fact, I’m doing more harm than good because it’s sensory overload for your baby.

It’s easy to forget that the simple sights and sounds of your home are stimulating enough for your newborn.

I guess the older we get as adults we tend to forget or block out familiar sights and sounds.

Your baby will cry if you overstimulate them too much.

You can stop your baby crying by keeping the environment around them moderately calm.



This might seem a little contradictory to my last point but hear me out.

Babies like some attention especially from mom as it’s your voice they have been hearing throughout pregnancy.

Whilst they do like some attention they also need time to process all that information that they have seen and heard.

This is the perfect time for a nap.


How to stop baby crying



Babies are very special individuals.

They may be very small and have a lot to learn but they can get anxious when they are around someone that they are not familiar with.

If your baby cries when you hand them to someone they are not familiar with, don’t feel too awkward to take them back.

You are the only voice your child has.

This can be hard for new moms, but do only what you feel comfortable with.

If you don’t feel right with your baby crying, take them back, guilt-free. If you can stop your baby crying this way, do it!



If your baby is having a bowel movement sometimes it can feel a bit odd as they don’t have control over their bowels yet.

If that happens try to comfort your baby as much as possible.

The same is also true if it is constipation.  Sit your baby upright until they are able to pass the stool.

Just be patient until the urge has passed or they are released.


How to stop baby crying




1. Swaddling can remind your baby of being in the womb

2.  Sing to your baby

3. Take your baby for a walk around the house

4.  Talk to your baby

5.  Let your baby suck on a clean finger. This helps especially if your baby is teething

6. Try white noise



These are some of the basic reasons you will find your baby crying.

You can use some of the techniques listed above to help your baby stop crying.

I have personally used most of these myself and they do work.

One thing I have discovered is that babies need patience.

If you can remember this then you are already halfway there.


If at any time your baby crying becomes too much for you, feel free to put them down somewhere safe and take a minute or two for yourself before going back.


Remember motherhood is a work in progress and each day you get better at it.


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How to stop baby crying


10 Reasons your baby is crying and why they need you. Find easy ways to soothe your baby back to a peaceful place. Babies don't cry for no reason.