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If you are anything like me and are surrounded by lots of little blessings aka children, then you will know that sometimes life, bills, and a mortgage can get in the way of enjoying your precious moments at home with your babies.

A lot of women like myself don’t want to have to go back to work and would rather spend time with their children.

Unfortunately, this is a dream to many as the household bills just won’t wait.

Unless you have a husband who is making enough money to support you and your children whilst you are at home the chances are that after your maternity leave finishes you will be back in the rat race once again.

If that option doesn’t sit well for you then you need to start thinking about some alternatives.


Pregnant woman being a work from home mom


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You could try to start a business of your own but you must bear in mind that sometimes startup businesses can be time drainers and therefore do exactly what you are trying to avoid.

Another option would be to look for work from home jobs for moms.

There are lots of work from home job opportunities out there on the market.

You only have to google “work from home jobs” to see the rainbow of jobs that are available to you.

Just bear in mind that some of the jobs will be completely legitimate and others will be total scams.  You need to make sure you know which ones to look at.

My personal recommendation is that if you want a work from home job that is fairly low maintenance the ideal would be either to start a blog of your own (something that you are passionate about) or try your hand at proofreading.

Proofreading is such an amazing way to make a little bit of extra money on the side for getting your hair done or equally you can make enough to be able to contribute towards your mortgage.

The great thing is that it can work the way you want it to work. 

You get to put in only the amount of work that you want to without having to feel extra pressure of not meeting deadlines and having enough time to get thigs completed.

If you do want to give proofreading a try you can do so by visiting this link.

Alternatively, if you think you would be better suited to blogging then you can set up an account with Siteground hosting and go from there. It’s so easy to get started!


These are 5 legitimate reasons why you might want to consider being a work from home mom. If you are wondering which types of jobs would be the best to get started then you should definitely start by reading this!


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The one thing every mom wants is to be able to have time to see their children grow up.

No one wants to miss those special milestone moments of having their baby walking for the first time or saying their first word.

The early years of your babies life are so precious but they go past in the blink of an eye.

You might not want to miss any of those things so having a 9 – 5 would make this virtually impossible.

Unfortunately, you can’t ask your 1 year old not to walk until you get home from work.



If your household income levels are too low you may need to do something a little extra in order to bring home some extra cash.

If having to make the choice between putting your children in daycare so you can go to work and finding a suitable work from home job for moms is a no brainer then perhaps that is what you need to work on.

The ability to work from home really is the best of both worlds.



Having the flexibility to work when you want is really important to a lot of mothers because as any mom will tell you, anything can happen on any given day.

Today your child is perfectly fine, tomorrow they could be ill.

There is nothing worse than having to call up your job on a Monday morning to tell them you can’t come in because one if your children is sick.

Not only does it make you feel bad it can also make you feel as though your job thinks you are lying.  We’ve all been there before and it’s definitely not an ideal situation!

As mothers, the children always have to come first.


#4 You no longer have to panic over the school run

Personally, I don’t know how some working moms do it.  The school run is really difficult.  

You have to make sure that you leave the house in ample time in order to be able to drop off and pick up your child from school.

I can’t imagine the huge amounts of stress it must be to have to either rely on a childcare provider or have to do the school run whilst you work.

I don’t even want to imagine the traffic that you have to tend with!

If you are a working mom, I have so much respect for you it’s unbelievable because I know that I wouldn’t be able to and it would be a huge FAIL for me.



Let’s just be honest here for a moment because although we all love our children dearly we still have the desire to have some type of personal identity.

Having that special thing that is just for us that sparks an interest is really important.

Although we are mothers we are still people who need a sense of being and fulfillment.

Having a job or something that we can do outside of being a mom is really important for our self-esteem.

Being a work from home mom gives the opportunity to do just that.




By no means at all is being a work from home mom the easiest choice to make.

Unless you are doing something that you are passionate about or that generally makes you happy, being a work from home mom will be a nightmare for you.

The best kind of work from home job is one that won’t take up massive amounts of your time each day, won’t pressurize you to be in front of your computer at every waking moment but that will give you flexibility.

You need a job that works around you and not you around the job.

As I’ve already mentioned before the 2 best jobs for that are bogging and proofreading.

Both of these types of jobs you can literally do from anywhere at all in your own time.

Just because you will be a work from home mom doesn’t mean it has to have the same connotations as a job!

If you want to know more about blogging or starting a career in proofreading you can start here:

How to start your blog

How to begin proofreading


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Being a work from home mom


These are 5 legitimate reasons why you might want to consider being a work from home mom. If you are wondering which types of jobs would be the best to get started then you should definitely start by reading this!