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How Being a mom changes you



Being a mom changes you in the most unimaginable ways. 

Some people will say that it’s a good thing, some will say that it’s a bad thing.

Personally, I’m of the mindset that a mothers love is so strong that it causes your perspective on things to change.


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I remember some years ago after I had given birth to my first son, I was invited to a “small” barbecue at a friend’s house in the afternoon.

When I arrived with my son, I just couldn’t understand why the music was so loud.

I kept on mentioning to people that I felt the music was really loud and they just stared back at me blankly waiting for the punchline. I was being deadly serious.

I was worried about my sons’ ears and how this might affect him. 

People laughed at me and I remember 1 person, in particular, said to me that it was because I was now a mom.

He said to me that my mindset had shifted and my focus was on my baby and not on the party.

It was so interesting to hear because it was so true.

Ordinarily, I would have been the one in the middle of the room telling the DJ which song to put on next.

Here I was stood outside with my son thinking of ways to excuse myself from the party so I could spend some time alone with him.

Completely nothing like my former self.  I was now a mom, I had changed. I felt guilty.


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11 moms describe what it is like when you become a mom and how much it can change you. Being a mom is hard but its also amazing.


I found the whole thing thought provoking and realized that being a mom is not just about giving birth.

You become an updated version of yourself.

Your character matures and even the way you speak changes because you have little ears listening to everything you say.

Being a mom changes you in so many different aspects.

Sometimes you don’t even know if you are good enough.  Don’t just hear it from me though.

I’ve interviewed 11 amazing mama’s and asked them all how being a mom has changed their lives.


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How has becoming a mom changed you?


#1 Meet McKinzie Bean of Todaymommy.com

Becoming a mom has made me realize that I am stronger than I ever knew.

Between the challenges and pains of pregnancy and parenting, I’ve been amazed at how much I really can handle.

When faced with a challenge instead of shying away or being afraid – I instead think, “I can do this!”

It really is an empowering feeling knowing that whatever life deals me I can make it through it! – McKinzie


#2 Angel Sirmon of simplysweetmama.com

I have honestly surprised myself being a mother, I was so scared that I wouldn’t know what to do when I was pregnant but when I had my little girl it was like my mom instincts kicked in.

I learned to be more patient and also give much more of myself for someone else. Learning to be unselfish and tolerant.

As someone who is shy, I have actually learned to be more brave and confident because of my little girl.


How being a mom changes you


#3 Jessica Ashley Jarrett of jessicajarrett.com

Becoming a mom made me more comfortable being the person I always knew I was but hid for the comfort of others.

I knew that if I was going to teach my children it was perfectly okay to be 100% authentically you then I had to lead by example. I am bold.

I am strong. I am capable. And those are all things I strive to model for my children every day.


#4 Christina Lindgren of Raisingbiracialbabies.com

Becoming a mom changed me in how much grit and perseverance I have.

On my worst days when I am dealing with really hard personal or emotional stuff and all I want to do is crawl into bed and stay there all day, I push through it.

Yea whatever I’m going through is still going to bother me, but I have kids who depend on me for everything.

So I get up and I play with them, laugh with them, cook for them, and be a mom.

If I’m struggling with my day job and I feel like working less hours because I don’t like the work, I think of them and I keep going.

They need me and I won’t let them down. I will push through every hard thing life throws at me because I want to give my kids the best life I can.


#5. Jackie Figueras of thesupportivemama.com

Having my miracle baby changed me in so many ways.

I immediately changed from a high power career woman to wanting to spend every minute with my baby.

I also found that I have so much more patience than I ever realized was possible.

She is almost 2 and some of my biggest wins are the toughest days because we got through them together and respected each other along the way.


#6 L Autumn Colon of shesawreck.com

I became a mom at 19 and although I was always considered mature I had to grow up rather quickly.

I always knew the type of mother I wanted to be but I didn’t know that once becoming a mom I would also lose myself in the process.


#7. Audrey Marshall of mommyenlightened.com

I was never going to be a mother. I was an animal nurse for many years, and so my animals were my kids.

I did not believe that I could love a human as much as I loved the animals I worked with every day.

When I found out I was pregnant, I joked that we would have to get rid of the baby if she ended up being allergic to the animals.

Now, I love my kids more than anything else.

You hear people say that and it sounds so cliché, but it’s true.

It’s not a kind of love that you can experience with any other person, it’s so much more.

Either way, I’ve had to change things and give up things for my kids.

I’ve found that I’m a much better, stronger, and happier person because of them.


Being a mum and how it changes you


#8. Anna Anderson of abrazoandcoze.com

Becoming a mom changed my priorities… and I don’t mean now I have to balance all the things with kids added into the mix (though that’s also true).

I mean that before kids, I thought I wanted a job that kept me working long hours doing something I love and getting a big salary… and after kids, although having money is definitely nice, it isn’t the end goal.

The end goal is raising my kids to be strong and resilient, and content with who they are, successful in their endeavours, as well as being good, kind, thoughtful people.

After having kids, I changed my career path (quite significantly), and made many sacrifices so that I could be home as often as possible to give them my time and guidance.

Plus, I’ve become a much lighter sleeper since having kids, and I cry during movies, which I never did before… Motherhood definitely changes a person.


The changes being a mum can have on you


#9. Meagan Marie of farfromfabulousblog.com

Becoming a mom has changed me in a thousand ways, the biggest one being the way I look at, value, and invest in myself.

When I look at my daughter I see a happy, healthy, confident, bold, and fearless person who is capable of anything, so why shouldn’t I see myself that way, too?

It can be a challenge at times, but being a mom has pushed me to be the best version of myself, and let go of any person, thing, or feeling that holds me back!


#10. Suzanne Alba of revealandrevel.com

Pregnancy and motherhood completely changed my life! I had a rough start with the baby blues and not feeling connected to my little girl.

After a few days and the blues passed my entire perspective on life was different.

Motherhood has taught me so much, especially patience.


#11. Brandi Michel of FamilyFelicity.com

I’ve always wanted to be a mom and after trying for almost 5 years to get pregnant I was finally a mother.

Motherhood has changed me by bringing out the best parts of me. It also brings out the worst in me too some days. Lol

The gift of becoming a mother has made me stronger, more compassionate, and selfless in so many ways.

Motherhood has also challenged me to appreciate the true value of raising my children.

Our world focuses so much on ambition and my values early on weren’t in a healthy place.

Over time, I’ve come to honor the privilege of motherhood in spite of the huge struggles moms face every single day.

Being a mom isn’t easy but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing!





There you have it!  Spoken words from real moms.  Motherhood changes you in ways that you never thought were possible.

It makes you strong, protective, nurturing and loving all at the same time.

Sometimes we even get things wrong but we still have to keep going as mothers.

Anything you do from the moment you give birth is for the benefit of raising your child into the best possible human being that they can be.

The only way that I can truly explain motherhood is; becoming a mom means wearing your heart externally for the rest of your life.


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Becoming a mom means being selfless. It's means being all encompassing by loving, being firm and strong all at the same time for your child