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Woman unsure if she is pregnant


Let’s face it pregnancy can really mess with your head no matter if you want to be pregnant or not.

The period between thinking that you might be pregnant and actually finding out if you are or not can sometimes feel like a lifetime.

I know I’ve been there.

Those few days of waiting can suddenly feel like weeks or even months of you are anxious for a result.

You try to stop yourself thinking about it because you don’t want to get disappointed with the results.

That’s not an easy thing to do.  It seriously messes with your psyche and can knock you off course with everything else happening in your life at the time.

You are stuck between thinking that you could be pregnant and it being too early to take a pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test is almost like the icing on the cake but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other signs that you can look out for too.


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6 Signs that you need to take a pregnancy test


Let me first start by saying that although these signs can give you some indication as to whether you can take a pregnancy test or not nothing is certain unless you get more concrete proof with an actual pregnancy test, a missed period or check with your doctor.

Pregnancy symptoms can be very similar to your menstrual cycle and its easy to get the two things confused especially if you want a positive result.


1. Lower Abdomen Cramps

Some women can start to feel cramps that are very similar to having a period.

This could be due to the implantation process where the embryo makes contact with the uterine wall.

You may also experience some very light spotting when this happens.  This will essentially look like the start of a period but will never be more than a few small drops of blood.

If you haven’t felt anything or seen any spotting that does not necessarily mean that you are not pregnant either. 

Many women don’t feel a thing at all during the implantation process so it is not a sure-fire way to predict pregnancy or not.


2. Nausea

Woman feeling sick


Nausea or vomiting commonly known as morning sickness can happen very early on as your hormone levels start to rise and do all kinds of funny things.

It’s a strange thing to call it morning sickness because it can happen at any time of the day and can even last for the whole day if you are very unfortunate.


If you really do not want to wait to take a pregnancy test, this test can give you a result up to 5 days sooner than your missed period.  The results are in words making it less difficult to understand the results. 


3. Fatigue

Woman feeling tired


Fatigue is something that you may not notice straight away especially if you are a very busy person.

It’s easy to brush it away as being just very tired.

When it comes to fatigue you may find it difficult to get simple tasks done without having to count to 10 first before getting off the couch.

You may also feel the need to sleep a lot more than usual as your body begins to work overtime in preparation for your growing baby.


4. Feeling Different

Now feeling different is a very hard one to explain because there is no exact way that you should or should not feel.

I can only describe it as not feeling like your normal self and as though something has changed within you.

I know that description does not help a whole lot but when you get that feeling of feeling different you will know about it, that’s all I can say.


5. Frequent Urination

Woman on the toilet

This is one symptom that I didn’t really get to experience much of throughout the whole of my pregnancy.

Having to use the toilet a lot more than usual never got to me or at least not enough that I would notice it.

Some women do experience this and it can be quite noticeable for them.


6. Breast Changes

This is another symptom that I didn’t really experience so don’t think that if you don’t see these changes in your breasts that you can’t be pregnant.

Some women will start to get very sore breasts or see a darkening in the color.  This is because of the changes in hormone levels.

Other women don’t notice any difference at all.


So When Should You Take A Pregnancy Test?

If you can, it’s always better to wait until you have actually missed your period before you take a pregnancy test.

You don’t want to end up with a false negative when you are in fact pregnant.

But if that seems like lightyears away then there are some tests out there where you see if you are pregnant up to 6 days before you have actually missed your period.

This is a great test that can do that for you.


Final Thoughts On Signs You Should Take A Pregnancy Test

Unfortunately, at times it’s easy to see signs that are not really there if you are desperate enough.

I would always advise that you try not to focus on the “am I or aren’t I pregnant” thing too much because no one likes to feel unsettled.

Remember a watched pot never boils.  Its always better to wait for a missed period and then do a pregnancy test just to be sure and then further check with your doctor if you have any other doubts.


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