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Weird things that happen during pregnancy

Pregnancy sounds like such a wonderful thing and it is – to an extent.

Let’s just be real for a second because for those of us that have been pregnant before, we know that pregnancy can come with all kinds of surprises.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of these weird pregnancy symptoms that can occur during pregnancy.


10 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms


1. Spitting

Spitting is my all time most disgusting thing about pregnancy. It’s just plain outright disgusting!

Before I got pregnant I thought people made this stuff up.

I was so wrong because eventually, it happened to me.

I remember being about 5 months pregnant at the time, I was sitting down minding my own business, being pregnant.

All of a sudden I had the urge to spit.  I went to the bathroom and did it, came back and sat down again.

A few minutes later I could feel the build-up coming again (sorry I’m trying not to gross you out too much here).

Every time I cleared it, it would come back.

I tried drinking water, eating small amounts of food, generally anything I could think of, but no luck.

You might be experiencing the same thing.  I totally get it.

It’s not in your imagination, I know sometimes it can feel like that.

Why does no one tell us about these weird pregnancy symptoms to begin with?

I’m not sure what you could do to avoid this even if someone did warn you about it, but a little heads up would be nice because it’s disgusting!

If you are experiencing spitting just know that it should pass after a few short weeks all by itself.


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2. Wanting to nest

Everyone pretty much knows about nesting in the third trimester.  Did you know that you can actually get the urge to nest almost as soon as you get pregnant?

Whenever I have been pregnant I am at the height of my organization skills. Suddenly everything needs to be rearranged and there is a deadline on it.

You will probably get the urge to put your whole life in order.

I’m talking about redoing your financial budget, making lists of things you will need for the baby and maybe even buying a new house.

You might find that you even want to reorganize your whole house to accommodate the baby growing inside you. Whatever your urge will be just know that there is nothing unusual about it.

Although this is technically nesting, I like to look at these things as little projects to keep me occupied whilst I am pregnant.

Nesting during pregnancy

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3. Thicker Hair

This pregnancy symptom is just a bonus as far as I am concerned.  Which woman doesn’t want longer, thicker, glossier hair?

Me! Yes me, do you know why?

Because I have been known to not take care of my hair when I am pregnant.

During my first pregnancy, I NEVER combed it (sssh don’t tell anyone) I totally neglected my hair because I was tired.

I kept it up in a bun and if I was going out I would just brush the outside and be on my merry way.

If you have curly hair like me, you will know that is a dreadful mistake. A few months later I had all kinds of knots going on.  So much so that I had to have my hair cut.

I did look good when I cut it but I never made that same mistake again. Don’t be like me.

If you want to have the long glossy healthy looking hair then you must be prepared to treat it with the same respect.

Treat yourself to the hairdressers every once in a while.  If you can’t afford it, call up a friend to do some DIY pampering at home!

Hair during pregnancy


4. Feeling Hot

It is not uncommon for women’s body temperatures to raise up a little more when they fall pregnant. It’s just another weird pregnancy symptom that pregnant women face.

When you get pregnant you have roughly an increase of 20% extra blood flow going on inside your body.

That blood flow circulating around your body is what causes your body temperature to rise up and for you to feel extra hot.

It can be uncomfortable but not unbearable.


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5. Mood Swings

Mood swings can be vicious.  We all know some women can get extremely moody when it’s their time of the month.

For some women being pregnant is like having your time of the month for 9 whole months.

Things that usually wouldn’t bother you will irritate the hell out of you.

Your husband might just become annoying to look at.  When he’s around he irritates you, when he’s not around he irritates you.  Poor guy just can’t win.

Unfortunately, we have to find a way to destress from all of this and put our emotions in check otherwise all pregnant women will be walking around like deranged killers.

It’s around this time that you will want to think about some pampering sessions or just try to get out from your environment to get some perspective on things every now and again.


6. Urge to Pee

This symptom is no fun at all. Having to pee several times a day is no fun believe me, especially at night time.

We can safely blame this symptom on blood flow again. Having increased blood flow in your body can cause your kidneys to produce more urine in early pregnancy.

This does settle down a bit as your pregnancy progresses but the more your uterus grows the more pressure it could put on your bladder.  So expect this to not fully go away until you have delivered your baby.


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If you are wondering, am I pregnant? or even if you have already had a positive pregnancy test. These 10 weird pregnancy symptoms will give you something to think about.


7. Strange Metal Taste

Women can get this symptom in varying degrees. I have experienced it in a mild form but I also know women who have experienced it in full force.

No matter what degree you experience it in there is no denying that it is annoying.

Everything tastes different, even plain drinking water.

That strange metal taste that you get has a name and it is called Dysgeusia. Dysgeusia is said to occur due to the changes in hormone balance once you get pregnant.

It will go away on its own but if it really is annoying you, you could trying drinking citrus drinks and brushing your tongue whenever possible.

This may subdue the effects slightly.



8. Cravings

Cravings are definitely not unheard of but that doesn’t make them any the less weird.

Being pregnant can do all kinds of strange things to you.  Cravings are no exception.

For some reason when I am pregnant I can only eat potatoes, any form of potatoes it doesn’t really matter.

Mashed, fried, baked, whatever.  I just can’t stomach anything else.

This basically goes on for the whole of my pregnancy.

People think that a pregnancy craving means that you will want to eat things in strange combinations but it doesn’t.

A craving doesn’t mean you want rice and ice cream mixed together but it could mean you want ice cream for breakfast.


woman eating ice cream - weird pregnancy symptoms


9. Difficulty Brushing Teeth

This is horrible and it’s a weird pregnancy symptom that I had never heard of before until I experienced it myself.

When this happens literally you will feel like puking every time you have to brush your teeth.  The thought of putting the toothbrush into your mouth is just sickening.

I’m not sure what the reason for this is but it does occur.

To top it off, what makes it worse is the fact that being pregnant means that you have to take extra special care of your teeth because they become even more sensitive.

It’s not really the time to be avoiding having to brush your teeth.


Woman brushing her teeth - weird pregnancy symptoms


10. Exhaustion

Did anyone ever tell you how tiring pregnancy can be?

Being pregnant is extremely tiring.  I know there are always exceptions to the rule where some women will experience a surge of energy when they fall pregnant that that is not the norm for most women.

I tend to sleep my first trimester away because between morning sickness and mood swings, I just need some time and space.


tired mom



11. Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that you can do to fully avoid this. Some people are just more genetically predisposed to getting stretch marks.

I use to think that only plus-sized people got stretch marks (nieve I know but I was very young back then) but they really can happen to anyone.


Final thoughts on weird pregnancy symptoms

Some of these weird pregnancy symptoms you might already have known a little bit about and some may be completely new to you.

Women experience different things to different degrees but hopefully, this has been an eyeopener for you if you have never been pregnant before.

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The great thing about this course is that it will actually take you right up until the first few months of your baby’s life.

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You can check out the course here: Pulling Curls Prenatal Care

If you have any other questions don’t feel shy leave a comment in the comment box below!


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If you are wondering, am I pregnant? or even if you have already had a positive pregnancy test. These 10 weird pregnancy symptoms will give you something to think about.

If you are wondering, am I pregnant? or even if you have already had a positive pregnancy test. These 10 weird pregnancy symptoms will give you something to think about.

If you are wondering, am I pregnant? or even if you have already had a positive pregnancy test. These 10 weird pregnancy symptoms will give you something to think about.

If you are wondering, am I pregnant? or even if you have already had a positive pregnancy test. These 10 weird pregnancy symptoms will give you something to think about.10 very weird pregnancy symptoms that you might not be aware of that can happen at any time during pregnancy.

If this is your first pregnancy or you are an experienced mama these 10 weird pregnancy symptoms might just surprise you!