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Fun activities for kids


Simple fun activities to keep your child happy during the holidays


As the holiday’s approach and schools go on holiday you might find yourself needing to find some extra fun activities for your child to do.

If you are anything like me you don’t want your child sat in front of the TV or any other type of screen for the next few weeks. 

To help you out I’ve listed some really fun activities that are simple and cost effective for you do with your little ones.


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1. Chalk Drawing


Chalk to the rescue!  The totally awesome thing about chalk is that it just rubs off or washes away. 

Stock up on some jumbo sized chalk and get your children to draw something amazing on your sidewalk (just make sure you are allowed to).

My children absolutely love to do this and it keeps them even busier when there is a prize for the most creative picture.


     Side walk Chalk boxSidewalk chalk ideas for children


2. Puzzles


I love to do puzzles and so do my children, there is something so magical about fitting in that last piece that is so satisfying.  Stock up on some great children’s puzzle pieces to keep them fully engaged.

Childrens puzzle - Fun activities for childrenChildrens puzzle


3. Bubble Blowing


You can make up some really great fun activities using bubbles. Get the children to use pipe cleaners and see who can make the most unusual shape. 

Blowing bubbles is a really cheap fun activity to do and provides a lot of fun and laughter.

Bubble wand for childrens activityChildrens bubble wand


4. Bake Cookies


Lets face children love to get in the kitchen and do something fun.  How about letting them loose in the kitchen (providing they are old enough) to bake some cookies.

It’s a great disciple for them to be able follow the cookbook instructions and create something incredible to eat. 

You never know you might even have a master baker on your hands!

Cookie maker

Cookie maker

5.  Lego


Lego is the ultimate baby sitter for children.  As long as you have enough pieces it will keep them occupied for hours on end.

There is no end to the creative juices that can flow here.  Just be sure not to step on any pieces, ouch!

Fun activities with lego

Fun activities with lego

6.  Make up a dance or a play


Encourage your child to use their imagination to think of a dance or a play to perform.

If your child is an only child perhaps you get them to write a poem and perform that to you.

Fun dance video for children

Childrens dance video

7.  Yes/ No Game


I have a confession to make here.  I am guilty of playing the yes/ no game as an adult.

The yes/ no game is incredibly simple to play.  One person asks questions and the other person is not allowed to answer with yes or no and they are not allowed to shake or nod their heads either.

You have to keep the questions coming really fast though.


Simple activities for kids


8.  Build a fort


Most of us have done this at some point in our lives.  Building a fort is a fun past time and will definitely get your children’s creative juices flowing.

Family fun games


9.  Picnic in the park


Having a picnic on a nice warm day will let you get some fresh air and allow your child to have a runaround and burn off some of that energy.

Picnic basket for familiesPicnic basket for families

10.  Swimming


Swimming is a great fun low-cost activity for your child to do.  If your child can’t yet swim this would be a great time to encourage them to learn.

Swimming goggles for children

Childrens swimming goggles

11.  Visit a zoo or a museum


These are both educational and fun.  Find out what you have locally to where you live and head down there.

Family trip to the zoo


12. Water Games


Water games are huge amounts of fun and are perfect when it is really hot outside.  You can opt for super soakers or water bombs.  The fun is endless!

Childrens super soaker gun

Super soaker gun

13.  Host a supervised BBQ


If you are feeling particularly brave a BBQ is a great idea.  You can get your children’s friends to come over and enjoys some outside time and food at the same time.

Grill for family gatherings


14.  Roller Blading/ Skateboarding

Rollerblading or skateboarding are really good for the outdoors. These will help to keep your children active and as far away from the tv screen as possible.

Kids inline roller blades

Kids inline roller blade

15.  Football


Playing football outside gets the children to have some fresh air give you a few minutes break too.  Challenge them to see how many keepy-up-es they can do.

Pack of 6 childrens footballs

Pack of 6 footballs

16.  Bike Riding


Bike riding can be a great bonding experience for you and your child.  You can cycle around to discover new places and stop for something to eat and drink on the way.

Kids bike

Kids BMX bike

17.  Canvas Drawing

Get your child a canvas and allow them to draw a beautiful landscape picture.  You can get them to look out of their bedroom window and draw what they see.

To make it even more interesting, why not let them experiment using pastels as well.

Canvas pastels

Blank canvas

18.  Play Dates


Letting your child have a play date will most certainly give you some free time and your child something fun to do.  You can also alternate so the next time your child can go over to a friends house too.

Play date ideas for children


19.  Board Games


Board games can be really fun especially when there is a little competition involved.  Put the dinner on slow cook and have some hang time with your child.

Children board games

Board games for children


20.  Karaoke

Karaoke is the most fun ever!  You get to completely embarrass yourself and your child 100 fold!

Family singing machine

Singin machine for families



Activities for kids


Fun activities for kids during the holidays. Lots of indoor and outdoor activities for keep your child busy.


Fun activities for kids during the holidays. Lots of indoor and outdoor activities for keep your child busy.