Welcome to the Resource Page.  This page will show you some great products that will help you on your journey to either move to Ghana, motherhood or with your natural hair.

I have personally used these or similar products myself and they have greatly helped me along the way.

I love to share and these products definitely work so I’m here to share them with you.

***Please note *** that the contents of this page do contain affiliate links meaning that if you do decide to purchase something I will in turn receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.  I do this to help finance the free content that I share with you, so your support is greatly appreciated.  All of the recommended products are things that I currently use or have used in the past.




1. Learn Twi (Akan). Listen, Speak and Learn DVD

This DVD is fantastic for learning your first few words and phrases in Twi.  The video is very simply laid out and extremely easy to follow along with.

Although there are many different languages in Ghana,  Twi is the most widely spoken amongst the people.  If you can pick up a few phrases you will definitely reap the benefits once you come to Ghana as Ghanaians give you a lot of respect for trying to learn.

This battery pack phone case has been a real life saver for me.  There have been times I have been out with very little charge on my phone (sometimes because of no electricity) and I have literally been panicking because I don’t want my phone to die.

Being in Ghana it is essential that you must always be able to contact someone in case of emergency.  This pack will ensure you can keep going for a full day and beyond.  The LED lights are great for showing you how much charge you have left during the day.

This Yale wireless security alarm is just the best thing ever!  When we were robbed some time ago we began to take security very seriously.  This alarm system allowed me to finally get a good nights rest again.

The great thing about the alarm is that because it is wireless, there can be no cutting of wires in order to disable it.  The second someone illegally enters your compound the alarm goes off alerting both you and everyone around you.  I can’t recommend this product enough!


Citronella oil is pretty amazing stuff.  Before I discovered this my family and I were getting covered in mosquito bites.  I didn’t want to use the repellants that they had in the store because they had lots of chemicals in and I didn’t feel comfortable with the children rubbing that into their largest organ especially at such a young age.

I soon discovered that citronella oil was natural and that meant that I could use it on baby too.  I usually mix it with Shea butter and apply it before we go out at night.  You can also pour a little into a oil burner to deter mosquitoes from entering your home.

Travel adaptors are a really handy thing to have.  They are of minimal cost and will save you a lot of hastle.

Although most of the power points are standard UK 3 prong sometimes the appliances that you purchase are not.  I have bought things in Ghana only to find out that the plug is different.  This tends to happen when the products are imported from another country, so it’s an a good idea to purchase a couple of these just in case.

Although you can buy Shea butter in Ghana, it’s still a good idea to purchase some before you come.  Shea butter is great for your hair because it helps to keep it moisturised and protected from the suns harsh rays.  It is also great for your skin too.

Hammatan weather can be extremely dry so you need something really nourishing for your skin.  Shea butter is natural and will keep your skin protected from dryness.

These light sensors are great for lighting up your house at night time. They are a great security investment and they will also deter any strange animals too.
A surge protector will prove to be invaluable to you.  The power in Ghana has tendency to fluctuate quite a lot and it can quickly damage your appliances.

The surge protector will help to protect against those huge spikes in the current.  It is really important to have something like this especially on large appliances.  So far I’ve had both a washing machine and a TV get knocked out by the currrent so I would never take my chances without some form of protection again.

Electricity stabilisers are absolutely essential to have for your large appliances.  If you don’t have one of these in your home and the electricity spikes it could render your appliance useless. Personally I have had a washing machine and a tv damage this way.  I cant recommend of these enough!