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Pregnancy things to buy


When you first find out that you are pregnant it’s so exciting because there is so much to think about and it feels like there is so much to prepare for before your baby gets here.

Well, truth be told, before you can even start to think about all the things you need to get for your baby there are a few things that you need for yourself too.

Pregnancy is not always easy for everyone so you’ll want to make it as comfortable as possible.

Here are a few pregnancy things to buy to make life a little bit easy for you.


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12 Pregnancy Things To Buy


1. Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are one of the first things that you need to buy.  

These vitamins are there to help protect and grow your baby.  

Folic acid (as commonly known) is a necessary vitamin to take but folate is much easier on the body as folate is a natural vitamin whereas folic acid is synthetic. but essentially they do the same thing.

These were definitely my favorite prenatal vitamins to take during pregnancy and they never upset my stomach like some of the other ones that I had previously tried.


2. A Pile Of Mints

Having a packet of mints might seem strange to you but for me having mints to chew on was the difference between having morning sickness and not having morning sickness.

I kind of discovered the mint thing by accident but it helps me a whole lot!  I literally used to pop them like pills because they would stop that nausea feeling that I would get throughout the day.

Hey, no one enjoys feeling like they are constantly going to throw up.  

If nausea has been a problem for you then you definitely need to give mints a try.


If you plan on breastfeeding your baby there is a great breastfeeding class you can take online that will help you make sure that your baby is latched correctly and teach you the best positions to place your baby in.  You can take a look at it here


3. Stretch Mark Oil

You may not think that you will get stretch marks when you are pregnant but there is always that possibility.

Unfortunately, once you get stretch marks there is not a whole lot that you can do about it.

It’s best to use an oil like this one from very early on to help keep stretch marks to a minimum.

I never thought I would get stretch marks during pregnancy…boy was I wrong.  I took no precautionary measures and ended up with a whole lot of them as a tribute to my pregnancy.

The good thing about this oil is that although it can’t make them disappear completely it will help to fade your pregnancy stretch mars so they are not so obvious.


4. Pregnancy Journal

This is one thing that I did miss out on during pregnancy.

I didn’t take the time out to make notes of the things that I was experiencing during my pregnancy.

I thought they would be things that I would always remember but I didn’t.  One of my biggest regrets is not having a pregnancy journal to look back on.

It might seem like a little bit of a chore when you are pregnant filling out all the little bits especially if you are experiencing a tough pregnancy but make sure you get one as you will absolutely treasure it afterward.

This is a great pregnancy journal.


5. Bellyband

Belly bands are great because using them means that you can stay in your regular jeans for a little bit longer without exposing yourself for everyone to see.

You don’t really want to spend a whole lot of money on maternity clothes in the early stages of pregnancy so using a belly band is a great way to save money and be comfortable too.

They are fairly cheap to purchase which makes them ideal. In fact, you can get a free bellyband from here using my discount code BROWNSKINMAMA40

They also give you a little bit of support around your midsection too.


6. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are one of the best inventions ever for pregnant women in my opinion.

As your pregnancy develops it gets harder and harder to comfortably sleep but having a simple pillow like this can make all the difference.

If you like to sleep and have been somewhat lacking in that area then I highly recommend that you get one from here which you can get at a heavily discounted price using the code BROWNSKINMAMA50


7.  A Pregnancy Gym Ball

A gym ball may not be an obvious item for pregnancy but I can assure you that it is a great investment for pregnancy and also labor as well.

Sitting on a gym ball in the latter stages of pregnancy is much more comfortable than sitting on a regular sofa.

Gym balls are also great because they can encourage your baby to get into the engaged position a little better.

You will also love that gym ball once labor kicks in too!

You can pick one up from here.


8. Pregnancy Books

Education is the key to everything.

Take some time out and learn about what is happening to your body as your pregnancy progresses.



9. Red Rasberry Leaf Tea

I loved this tea when I was pregnant.  Not only did it taste nice but it also provides you with some great vitamins and minerals.


10. Maternity Bra

One thing you will notice as your pregnancy progresses is that your breasts will start to get bigger even before your breast milk starts to come in.

At some stage of your pregnancy, you will need to get yourself a maternity bra.  A wireless one is better and will give you lots more comfort.

You may notice that your breasts will go up a size or 2 but you should try to get yourself professionally measured if you can to be sure.


11. Body Cream

As your belly bump grows you may find that it can get a little bit itchy.

Having a good cream or oil can help to keep the itchy feeling under control.

I like to use coconut oil or shea butter personally for this.

You can get coconut oil from here.


12. A Prenatal Course

A good prenatal course can be the difference between feeling prepared for labor and not knowing what is about to happen to you.

Personally I like to know what I’m in for and this pregnancy course can do just that.

This is one of the best online prenatal courses that I have come across and I highly recommend it.

It’s perfect if you don’t have time to travel to a birthing center to take a course so you can easily do it at home in the comfort of your living room with your partner for support.

You can take a look at the online course right here.


Final Thoughts On Pregnancy Things To Buy

There is so much to learn and prepare for during pregnancy and I know it can feel a little overwhelming at times but hopefully, this list of pregnancy things to buy can give you a clear idea of what you really need.

Pregnancy is an exciting time so enjoy it whilst it lasts!


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