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Nursing necklace for baby

If you have ever breastfed a baby before then you know that it’s not all roses every day.  Breastfeeding can be really difficult at times due to various things.

Sometimes you are tired, sometimes you need to get other things done so breastfeeding can seem inconvenient but SOMETIMES your baby can get distracted whilst on the breast and make things very uncomfortable for you.

The first couple of months of breastfeeding are fairly easy as your newborn eats and sleeps quite a lot without fussing. As they get older they become more and more distracted whilst they are feeding.

Perhaps their older brother or sister is playing quite noisily and they want to see what is going on or they just want to look around the room whilst feeding. 

No matter what the reason is your breast will often suffer the brunt of it.

This is where a nursing necklace can come in handy.


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What is a nursing necklace?

A nursing necklace or breastfeeding jewelry as some people like to call it is the answer to your prayers!

They are very clever little things to have.

They are made to attract your baby’s attention whilst they breastfeed to keep them engaged and focused.

A breastfeeding necklace is a piece of jewelry that is placed around moms neck and the idea is that your baby will see the colors, the shape, and the design and focus all their attention on that thing.

Babies will often start to twiddle with the necklace admiring how it moves, the shape and the color and be completely drawn in by it.

It makes breastfeeding so much easier as there will be no more pulling on the breast and moving in all different directions as they feed. We all know how painful it can be when a baby is in mid-suction flow and then suddenly turns their head whilst still latched on to the breast.

Wearing a nursing necklace solves this problem for you.

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The benefits of wearing a breastfeeding necklace

If your baby is still very young they will often reach out to pull and touch the necklace.

This is great for helping your baby to gain control of their fingers and develop their pincer grasp.

Wearing a nursing necklace not only helps mom out but it is great for baby too and it stimulates your baby’s thought process.

They start to see what cause and effect is.  Each time they reach out and touch the necklace it moves.

What might seem basic to us is almost a mind-blowing situation to a baby.

Nursing necklaces also have the benefit of giving your baby something to do. 

As your baby gets even older it’s not just about them looking around the room anymore.  They want something to do so they will often try to twiddle your other breast, pinch it, pull your hair and many other things.

With my own children, I noticed this started to happen around 6/7 months of age.

Rather than allowing your child to get into the habit of twiddling your other breast they can play with the necklace.

Twiddling might seem harmless right now but is not so fun when you are trying to breastfeed in public.  I know I’ve been there.


Are breastfeeding necklaces dangerous?

Not at all.

They are made with your baby in mind.  They have been made to be strong enough that your baby should be able to pull at it without it breaking.

They are also designed to allow your baby to chew on them so they should be non-toxic and washable too.

For this very reason, you should never try to use a regular necklace in replacement of a nursing one.

Regular necklaces are likely to break when pulled and they have lots of small parts.  If your baby manages to get hold of it and a piece breaks off it could become a choking hazard for them.


Why do babies pinch during breastfeeding?

A lot of it is a developed behavior. 

Some babies pinch when they are tired, not because they want to hurt you but just because it probably feels comforting to them.

The sooner that you curb that behavior the better off you will be.

Again this is why breastfeeding jewelry works so well.

If your baby is adamant on creating a behavior such as twiddling and pinching as a way of comfort before they fall asleep its better to replace that with breastfeeding jewelry instead.


Different types of nursing necklace

Nursing necklaces have a dual purpose.  They can be used to keep your baby occupied while they are breastfeeding but not only that they can be used to help your baby when they are teething too.

If you are going to choose a breastfeeding necklace then pick one that has the ability to do both things.

Here are a few different types of breastfeeding jewelry that can easily be worn as a fashion piece too so you can still feel trendy as a mom.


1. Lofca Teething Necklace

Lofca Teething Necklace

Lofca Teething Necklace

Fashionable and non-toxic so your baby can chew it without you having to worry about if they are ingesting chemicals or not.  

It’s also easy to clean and fully adjustable so you can wear it at your desired length.


2. V-TOP Chewable Silicone necklace

V-TOP Chewable Silicone necklaceV-TOP Chewable Silicone

Brightly colored silicone beads to attract your baby’s attention.

BPA free

Easy to clean


3. SUBANG 6 Pack Chewing Necklace

SUBANG nursing necklace

SUBANG nursing necklace

Comes in a variety of colors

Can be washed in the dishwasher

Safe for your baby to chew


4. Fox and Finn ‘Avery’ Silicone Teething Necklace

Fox and Finn 'Avery' Silicone Teething Necklace

Fox and Finn nursing necklace

Will not pull at moms hair

15″ long drop

Fashionable for mom to wear comfortably


5. Teething Necklace for Moms

Teething Necklace for Moms

Breastfeeding necklace check price

Made with your baby’s sensory stimulation in mind

Includes wood and cloth textures


Final thoughts on nursing necklaces

Nursing necklaces are worth the investment in my opinion. They will keep your baby happy and content so you don’t have to get your hair pulled or breasts pinched any longer.

If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for?


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