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Why Moving to Africa is Important

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Ghana Adventures | 2 comments

Moving to Africa or Ghana is never going to necessarily be an easy move.  So why do it? Thats the question a lot of people ask themselves.  I hear a lot of negativity from people when I ask them if they would ever move “back home”.  It usually runs along the lines of, “Africa is too undeveloped for me”, “I need hot water every day” ” I will when I’m ready to retire” or “why should I?”.  I guess each of these things has a degree of validity in some respect but I would like to challenge your line of thinking on this.

If Africans don’t move from western society to build Africa for themselves, who is going to do it?  Are you happy with the speed at which Africa is developing? Will you complain the next time you visit and see all the pretty shops are being run by “obronis”?  What was the purpose of our independence? That last question hurt right?

This post is meant to be very frank and hard hitting so excuse me for getting personal here.

Sometimes when I look at some of the shops I have seen pop up in the streets of Ghana, I have to sit back and think, how? or why?  Why couldn’t we do it ourselves?  The thing that is most frustrating with all of this is that these are not new ideas that are being brought to Africa. They are the same things that we have seen occur in the UK or any other western country in previous years over and over again.

5 years ago in Ghana you would struggle to find a good burger now there are tons of restaurants all over the place. Go behind the scenes and see who owns it?  I would say almost 90% of the time it is not a Ghanaian.

There is an amazing shop that has just opened up in Accra called China mall.  It’s a massive warehouse full of reasonably priced items that you would otherwise have to travel to Makola market in order to get.

How has this shop found its place in Ghana?  Its very simple…convience.  Its easy to get to, you dont have to stand out in the sun and most importantly every item has a displayed price. No one wants to pay for items based on what they look like they can afford.  

These are some of the basic reasons as to why people will probably shop at China mall in comparision to Makola market.  Now my question is why couldn’t we have done this ourselves as Africans?  We are already importing the products from china so what has stopped us?  China mall is just an organised makola market in my opnion.  I really see no difference.

The next time someone asks you if you would ever move to Africa, take a moment and really think about it.  Sometimes the change has to start with us.  It may not be a comfortable transition at first and im not even saying for a minute that it would. BUT I can guarantee you that when the western world was building its economy it was never comfortable for those involved either.   Everything you do has to be for the greater good and not just for today.

Think about it.