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Mole National Park

Feb 12, 2018 | Ghana Adventures | 0 comments

Mole National Park in Ghana is definitely on my bucket list of places to experience.  Travelling by car it will take me approximately 12 hours, lots of toilet breaks, a few tears and some snacks along the way to get there. And that’s not even including the children haha!  You can also travel by air if you are coming from Accra or Kumasi.

On a more serious note, Mole National Park boasts of tranquil beauty.  If you want to reconnect with your roots or just take a moment to appreciate nature then this is probably the place for you.  The park is Ghana’s largest and most frequently visited.

There is an entrance fee payable at the gate.  The price very much depends on if you are a Ghanaian, foreigner, student etc and which type of tour you would like to experience.

Which animals can you expect to see?

You can expect to see elephants, antelopes, monkeys, bushbucks (I don’t even know what that is), warthogs and baboons on your travels.

Travel around the park

You can walk around the park but you must be escorted by an armed ranger.  Alternatively if you have a large car you can travel via this method. Again you must be with an armed ranger by your side.

If you wish to stay over night there is a hotel available. After that long drive you will probably need the rest, so be sure to book the hotel early to avoid disappointment.