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How I Became Obsessed With Alternative Medicine

by | May 21, 2018 | Parenting | 2 comments

Seven years ago one of our children got sick and I’m not talking about a common cold. It was the last thing I ever thought would happen to us.

Yes it happens to other people but not us…or so I thought, ha! It was this sequence of events that quickly lead me down the path of alternative medicine.

I used to think that people who believed in alternative medicine were hippy travellers with no responsibility. How judgemental was that!

Before you read any further, I would like to mention that I am not a doctor in any shape or form and therefore I am not giving out advice in any way. I am merely sharing my experiences from my journey.

When my child got sick and we were told that he would need to take medication EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of his life, I just couldn’t get my head around it.

In fact I refused to accept this as a matter of fact especially as he was only 2 years old at the time.

It took me a fair bit of time to come to terms with this diagnosis.

My mind was constantly racing as to how this happened so I didn’t’ straight away go down the alternative medicine route.

I really wish I had though. I wish I had been stronger.

Alternative medicine verses man made medicine
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In the beginning I took on board what the doctors had said. I began giving him the medication.

After a couple of years I could no longer suppress my inner gut feeling so I went onto the computer and I began to research and research and research.

The more I researched the further down the rabbit hole I went.

I became obsessed with alternative medicine, not just for the sake of my son but for our family in general.

I read about the bad things contained in toothpaste, in food, in injections and so on. I was horrified!

Although some of you may think that I am perhaps being a bit of a hippy saying all this, I just want you to know that its ok.

I was a skeptic just like you and refused to believe in anything except man made medicine.

The day my son got sick was the day my life changed forever and I finally woke up.

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I would be foolish to say that I would never take man made medicines again but they are definitely not my first go to option anymore.

I always seek out what alternative medicine I can use first before I think about picking up the paracetamol bottle.

For example, when one of my children got conjunctivitis instead of looking for antibiotics, I used breast milk because fortunately, I was breastfeeding at the time.

When one of my children had a temperature I opted for skin to skin contact instead of paracetamol. It’s little things like this that make a big difference in health.

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Alternative medicine verses man made medicine
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Man made medicine almost always has some type of side effect. It usually comes down to choosing if you prefer the illness or the side effect.  

You shouldn’t have to make that choice. Alternative medicine is not like that.

My experience of alternative medicine be it natural remedies or practical measures, have always worked for me 98% of the time.

A couple of years ago I had a thyroid problem and developed a small lump in my neck. I sought out alternative medicine and was given a tea to drink and gargle with daily.

Within 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference. The lump in my neck had considerably reduced and I had a lot more energy, I felt great.

I had chosen not to go down the path of an operation and lifetime medication.  It was an easy choice for me.

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Alternative medicine

Sometimes its good to take responsibility for our own bodies and not run straight to the doctors office. That’s not to say that going to the doctors office doesn’t have its time and place.

If you suspect you are seriously ill please do go and check it out with a professional. Once you have digested the information from the doctor then you can then ALSO look into alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine has been life changing for me and my family, it keeps us healthy and our immune systems strong.  

Years and years ago our great, great grandparents used such methods when there weren’t so many pharmaceutical companies around and they lived very long lives.

They mixed and grounded spices and knew how to work with mother nature.  We can still do the same today.  Did you know that boiling and drinking the leaves from the neem tree helps prevent malaria?

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