I really want to start my sentence by saying “fufu is a really great dish” but I would be lying to myself. I apologise to all Ghanaians in advance. I don’t like fufu. Ok well to say I don’t like it is probably a bit strong. If I come to your house and you give me fufu to eat, I will eat it but it’s not something that I would choose to eat. We’ve been in Ghana for coming up to 4 years now and I haven’t eaten it once. That should tell you something. I have vivid memories of having to eat it as a child for dinner and feeling like it was not fair as my friends ate things like chips or rice for dinner.

Anyway enough about me! Ghanaians love fufu! It is definitely a staple dish here. It is usually accompanied with peanut soup, palm nut soup or something like that. Fufu is made from a mix of cassava and green plantain.

The cassava and plantain is boiled and then pounded into fufu. Watching someone do the pounding is quite enjoyable. One person pounds with a long stick whilst the other person uses their hand to turn. I don’t mind pounding but I’m not sure if I ready to be the “turner”. That job requires too much attention and I like my fingers unpounded so it’s probably not a job for me.

Ghanaians love to eat fufu on a Sunday. Quite simply you eat and then you sleep. Perfect Sunday vibes.


Try some fufu here:





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