Free For Mom

We all know that sometimes motherhood can start to get expensive especially if we have multiple children.

Every once in a while it’s nice to get something close to free or even completely FREE.

Here are a few things that are just that listed below, because let’s face it, we all need a little treat sometimes!

These items are free but you will need to cover the cost of shipping.  Sounds pretty fair to me, don’t you think?


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Free Nursing Pillow


These pillows are awesome if you have a newborn and want to breastfeed. 

Even if you aren’t planning on breastfeeding they are Nursing Pillowgreat because they take the pressure off your arm as you sit and feed your baby.

Enter the code BROWNSKINMAMA40 to pick one up for FREE 






Free Carseat Canopy 


Carseat CanopyCarseat canopies are great for keeping the sun out of your baby’s eyes and even better if your baby is asleep because it helps to keep
them undisturbed.

You can use the discount code BROWNSKINMAMA50 to get $50 off a carseat canopy today




Baby Carrier


Perfect if you need to get around quickly with your baby in tow.  Baby carrier

I love baby carriers because I hate to leave my baby to cry but the reality is I have to get things done. Baby carriers solve this problem perfectly. 

You can pick up one for FREE with the code BROWNSKINMAMA40

Just enter the code at the checkout after you have added the item to your basket.



Nursing Cover


Nursing CoverIf you intend on breastfeeding in public then these nursing covers are a perfect fit

They allow you to have the freedom of breastfeeding whilst still allowing you to keep your modesty.

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Maternity Band


If like me you don’t particularly like spending a lot of money on maternity clothes then having a maternity band will save you lots of money. Maternity band

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Pregnancy Pillow


PREGNANCY PILLOWI don’t need to say too much about this but if you want to have a good nights sleep then here’s the answer.

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You can pick one up for at a discounted price with the above code giving you $50 off.