First 24 Hours

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Your first 24 hours in Ghana will likely be somewhat overwhelming and surreal all at the same time. You will probably have no idea what you are doing.  I just want to tell you that that is completely normal. The heat will probably be making you feel slightly uncomfortable and the smell of standing too close to an open gutter might make you feel a bit nauseous. Again normal. It will take you a couple of weeks to find your feet but I promise you will!

If you are looking for the malnourished child with the big belly that you have seen on tv, it is unlikely that you will find him/her. That is not Ghana. Every country has its areas of extreme poverty but it is nothing like what you have been lead to believe from the tv.

Ghanaians are very friendly so don’t be surprised if you get a barrage of people saying “good morning/ afternoon/evening” to you. It is customary here. Sometimes coming from abroad we can find this strange and a little too “overfriendly” but again you will soon get over it.

My advice to you once you land is to find the nearest supermarket and buy water. Yes even before food. You can live without food for a period of time but without water you will quickly dehydrate and fall ill.


Travelling Around

If you don’t have a taxi or a designated driver uber is a great alternative. They can pick you up from your current location and drop you off wherever you need to go using mostly google maps, but be advised sometimes the drivers don’t know the way so they will ask you for help! Local taxis are also available at almost every street corner if you need them but be sure to barter the price so you don’t get ripped off. Believe me no driver will take you anywhere for a loss of money so even if the price sounds ridiculous to you, give it a try.

Once in your car/ taxi etc you will see lots of people standing around the traffic lights. These people are called street hawkers. They are there to sell you “stuff”. Sometimes food, sometimes toys, sometimes games, drinks and even Christmas hats etc.

They can be a real life saver at times especially if you have been in traffic for a long period of time.

Make sure you do eat. Whilst this sounds pretty obvious it is important. Things can get really hectic once you land but be sure to stop for something to eat otherwise you will burn yourself out and fall ill very quickly. There are lots of good places to pick up food quite easily depending on where you live. It’s a small tip but a good trick. (See what I did there? It rhymes!) If you have any questions just let me know below.


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