Who Doesn’t Love A Headwrap?

Feb 7, 2018 | Natural Hair | 0 comments

The ultimate crowning glory for my natural hair has got to be a headwrap!  You can’t get more hair candy-ish than a headwrap.  Pick your ankara fabric then wrap it up, literally.

I’ll be honest I wear a headwrap most days if i’m going out because for me its like putting on my crown.  I never even know how I’m going to style it but I guess thats half the fun of putting it on.

Check out these simple styles:

natural ghana girl headwrap
The great thing about headwraps is they give your hair a break from overmanipulation.  Not only that they protect your hair from too much exposure from the sun as well.  Well thats if you live in a very hot country like me.

Anyway I would love as usual to hear your thoughts.