Confessions of a Lazy Detangler

by | Jan 27, 2018 | Natural Hair | 0 comments

As I am speaking today my hair is almost at waist length.  I didn’t start out that way and this is the longest that my hair has ever been. I have been natural now for approaching 6 years.

I wash and deep condition my hair every two weeks. I detangle my hair…urm…well…probably hardly ever! Shhh don’t tell anyone *covers eyes*. I am a lazy detangler. I have 4 young children whom I homeschool so there is not much time in my day where I can spend alone carefully stroking conditioner down each strand of my hair.   If i’m being honest I can’t actually be bothered and would prefer to use my time doing something else. It just doesn’t work for me and my schedule.

Detangle natural hair
My routine usually goes something like this:

I divide my hair into roughly 6 sections.

I apply conditioner on each section and carefully remove any loose strands of hair and leave it to sit for about 30 minutes.

I then head to the bathroom to start washing my hair in its sections. My hair washing doesn’t consist of gently detangling each section because usually the minute I start trying to detangle one of my wonderful children will want my attention. The idea is that I am in and out as quickly as possible.

After washing I apply a leave in conditioner followed by Shea butter to protect my hair from the suns harsh rays. (Still in its sections)

I then braid it and allow my hair to air dry. In between washes I never EVER try to comb it, I just tease any tangled loose strands out of my hair that I might find. Thats pretty much it.

If detangling each strand of hair works for you then that’s great I encourage you to continue but if it doesn’t don’t beat yourself up about it.

As I am speaking today my hair is almost waist length…if you love it, it WILL GROW!

detangle natural hair