Cape Coast Castle

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If you are interested in history, Cape Coast castle is definitely the place for you.  I’ve been there about 3 times now and each time I go I learn something new.  The castle is obviously not a place you go for a good time. It is rather sobering and quickly puts your own troubles into perspective.

At the gate you can expect to pay either the “Ghanaian” entry fee or the “Foreigner” price.  Always try to negotiate the fee.  Even though prices are sometimes written, this is Ghana and there is always room to negotiate, whether it be the price per person or the amount of people that pay to enter. (You can thank me later)

After paying to enter you can expect a tour guide to take you around the castle and explain all the different sections to you.  The last time we went we had a brilliant guide who was very clued up on his history and was able to answer all the questions asked.  That was definitely a big plus for us!

If you want to have a sneaky peak to see what its all about you can have a look at the video below.  In all honesty though, its worth the 3 hour personal trip  (from Accra) there to see it for yourself.

cape coast castle


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