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Burgled In Ghana

Apr 18, 2018 | Ghana Adventures | 1 comment

Although this actually happened over 1 year ago now it feels as though it was just yesterday. I’ve spoken about it on video but I never did get around to writing down my true feelings of what it was like to be burgled in Ghana. At the time I was 6 months pregnant and had a whole bunch of feelings and emotions going on inside me. I really didn’t need this complication but it happened so we had to deal with it.

I remember that night going to bed as usual, there was nothing out of the ordinary. I’m a pretty light sleeper especially being quite heavily pregnant and needing to use the toilet every few hours. For some very strange reason this particular evening I hadn’t woken up to use the toilet at all!

My children were asleep in another room and I remember my daughter waking me up at around 2am asking for water to drink. I especially remember feeling exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open. I recall telling her to go back to bed and not to drink water at that time of the night. She went back to bed and that was that.

At around 6am my husband taps me and says “Dela someone broke into the house”. I immediately thought, no way it’s not possible, this is a gated community and they have patrol staff all throughout the night. I hoped that it was his idea of a sick joke but the look on his face said otherwise. He was not joking at all.

I rolled myself out of bed (this is only way I could physically get up at 6 months pregnant) and went to have a look while the children were still asleep. I saw it with my own eyes and my heart literally sank. I felt abused and disgusted all at the same time. How could anyone enter another persons home and help themselves to anything they felt like? I sat down and didn’t know if I should cry or not, I was numb.

We had never ever been burgled before, not even in the UK. The whole thing was a foreign concept to us. I didn’t want the children to see, I wanted to protect them from it but I couldn’t. It would take them 0.5 seconds to realise that the Xbox was missing.

As we looked around it was obvious how they had entered. We could tell they knew the estate very well because they had come prepared with a screwdriver. Whoever broke in knew that they would need a screwdriver to unscrew the burglar bars on the window. They unscrewed it so very carefully and were even kind enough to leave us with the screws so that we could re-screw the screws afterwards.

They came in through the kitchen window, carefully removed our glasses that were drying by the sink, let themselves in and helped themselves to our things.

The most scariest thing out of all of this was that I think it was my daughter waking up that frightened them away. Thankfully they hadn’t taken much and I think this is the reason why.

I have heard that usually when a thief wants to enter your home they spray a chemical that makes you fall into a very deep sleep (hence the fact that I didn’t wake up). When they do this they are free to rummage around the house without being disturbed but I guess somehow my daughter was not affected because she woke up.

It’s  a very frightening experience. They took our Xbox which had sentimental value, my husbands watches, my iPad, a laptop, one of my sons kindles, a phone and worst of all my hard drive with all my children’s baby videos on. The xbox and the hard drive were a hard pill to swallow, especially the hard drive. I can’t ever get those moments back. I’m chocked even as I type this.

When the children woke up we did our best to explain to them what had happened and to also tried to reassure them that it would not happen again. Needless to say the next night was a very long night as no one wanted to sleep, just in case.

Early that morning the neighbours on either side of us came to see what had happened and were in utter disbelief. I’m sure they were also secretly happy that this had not been their fate. Later on my husband went to the police station to report the incident. He had to drive the police back to our house to have a look at the crime scene. Not before having to pay them first of course! *sigh*.

After the police had a little look around they concluded that yes indeed we had been burgled *rolls eyes* and that we needed forensics to come and have a look. But obviously before they could come my husband would have to go and pick them up AND pay them to come. At which point we politely declined and cut our losses at being robbed twice, once by the thief and the other by the police who we had to pay.

Lessons Learned

1. Just because you live in an estate that does not exclude you from being burgled.

2. Don’t get too comfortable living in an area that you get complacent with security.

3. Get yourself a wireless security system like this one. In my opinion its better than any watchman you could hire.

4. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses unless you believe the police can indeed help your situation.

5. If you live in an estate development where works are still being carried out make sure you are on extra guard as you never know who is coming and going.

Final Note

Although this was a terrible situation it has not put me off living in Ghana because bad things can happen anywhere. If you are ever unfortunate enough to be burgled make sure you take better precautions next time and most of all move on for your own mental wellbeing.

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