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Sovereign Homes our building project was never intended to happen.  It all began with my husband who had a dream of buying some land in Ghana with a view to us building a house.  Being the kind of person he is he decided to buy 6 plots of land!  I was bewildered!  I won’t lie I was scared that the land might not be genuine (anyone who knows Ghana knows that this is a real problem here.)

No one wants to grab their hard earned money and throw it in the air for someone else to catch.  I didn’t understand it but we went ahead and purchased the land.  Looking back I don’t even think he fully understood why he was buying 6 plots of land either. Anyway I don’t want to bore you all with too long a story so I’ll cut to the chase.  We ended up teaming up with another friend and in total we now have 13 1/2 plots of land.

The plan is to build maybe 10 storey building houses.  Yes, the dream is big but I guess the rational behind it is that if the vision doesn’t scare you then its not big enough.

Things had been going really well at the start, progress was happening but as of today we have run into a few set backs financially. The building project is now more of an “in the future” type project.  We quickly realised that we needed a home to lay our heads rather than a project that we have to constantly pour money into.

We have definitely not given up, we are in a process of restructuring and regrouping ourselves. If you want to have a sneak peak you can check out our humble beginnings in the video below.  For now the story is “to be continued…”

A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Hi! I am the face behind Natural Ghana Girl.  I’m orginally from the UK but now I live in Ghana with my husband and 4 children.  I love to blog about motherhood, natural hair anything to do with Ghana.

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