Bojo Beach

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For me Bojo beach is one of the better beaches in Accra. It is easily accessible from town but it’s not too close that it will have droves of people pouring in at every minute of every day. Bojo also gets another big tick as it’s clean.

We love to go to Bojo during the weekdays as it’s much quieter and I feel much more relaxed as my 4 children can play without me feeling a bag of nerves that they are running around in different directions. The most captivating part is the short canoe ride that you have to take to get to the actual beach itself. It’s a small boat which can probably hold no more than 20 people or 30 if we seat people like we do on the trotro! Haha!

Once you arrive at the beach there is a restaurant where you can purchase food and drinks at a reasonable cost. There are also canopy huts and chairs where you can sit, relax and enjoy the fresh breeze. Definitely grab yourself a canopy if you can because it can get quite hot even though you are right next to the water. No external food or drink is allowed onto the beach and be sure not to carry any as you will be checked before you can enter.

There is an entrance fee at the gate to pay in varying amounts. The last time I was there it was 10cedis for Ghanaians and more for non Ghanaian. Bojo beach is definitely one to check out in my opnion!

bojo beach


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