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Beauty in Colour

by | Jan 14, 2018 | Ghana Adventures | 2 comments

The most beautiful thing to me about living in Ghana has got to be the vibrancy in colour of EVERYTHING. Even our soil is a beautiful colour.

My greatest passion when I first moved to Ghana has to be the African cloth. Although from my understanding Ghana doesn’t manufacture any cloth itself (which is a real shame). I just could not get enough. I was buying 1 yard here, 2 yards there, 4 yards, just so I could make an outfit with it. In all honesty though I couldn’t wait very long and most of my cloth turned into head wraps.

What do I love most about cloth?

I love the texture and that it can be turned into whatever your imagination can handle. To me cloth represents freedom. There are so many colours, shades and patterns available (maybe even too much). I’ve found myself in a shop a few times completely bewildered by which cloth to actually buy. I have now come up with a system that helps me choose.

Before I go to shop for cloth I think about the colour that I want and how I want to feel in it. For example, if I want to feel really bubbly and out there I will probably go for something with pink in it. If I want to feel classy and mature I might go for something with a brown or more neutral colour in it.

I stick to those colours when I head to the shops and that cuts my shopping time down by about 50% (much to my husbands pleasure)

My clothes are curtesy of Fakor_m, check her out on Instagram.

How do you feel about cloth? I would love to know.