Banku is definitely one of Ghana’s staple dishes.  Not only is it tasty but it will also fill your stomach up to the brim.  How many balls can you eat? I can usually only manage one or one and a half on a good day. Banku is made from fermented corn and cassava dough.  The two are mixed together in proportion to each other until it becomes a smooth, thick consistency.  It is whiteish is colour and usually served in the shape a ball. Banku is normally eaten with okro/ okra stew or tilapia and pepper sauce.

Try some Banku here:


Akple is very similar to banku.  It is more popular amongst the Ewe people.  Akple is made from unfermented corn dough and cassava.  The ratios in how they are mixed is also different. A lot of people often get confused with the two and think that akple is the Ewe name for banku.  I can tell you for sure that one will definitely make you more sleepy than the other.  Trust me!



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